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Benchmark, Guideline, Goalposts August 9, 2008

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I am 24w2d and have been very much aware this week of P&J’s twins who arrived last Spring at 23w6d.  I simply cannot imagine how anyone copes with their body saying “Pregnancy over” at this point.  It is beyond me and I continue to be in awe of the fact that P&J are still upright and walking around after all they have been through.

So I have reached viability but of course I want to be 30w and after that it will be 34w.

It seems the Internal One didn’t get the memo to let it know that it wasn’t participating in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  For about 20 minutes it kicked off my right floating ribs and then headbutt my cervix.  It is having a lot of fun with my cervix these days.

We are taking D to see the baby doctor with us on Tuesday.  He knows that the baby doctor (which he can sign incidentally) has the same name as M but if you ask him what the baby doctor is called he says “Dadda” 🙂  I am hoping that we get to have a scan just so that he can see the baby on the TV.  I don’t know how many times he has listened to the 8 second clip of the baby on my previous post (doing all of the mousing & clicking himself).  He loves to listen to the baby’s heart beat but to find it on Mamma’s laptop was fascinating for him.



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