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Not a day goes by August 17, 2008

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Every day there is a time during the day when the baby is obviously asleep that I am sure it has died.  It can go on for hours.  Some times I give in quickly and use the doppler, other times (usually due to circumstances) I can’t get to the doppler and so I have to ride it out.  Sometimes a long time passes before I realise that it hasn’t moved in a while.  Of course within minutes of turning off the doppler there is a hail of activity that could easily compete with the floor routines of Beijing 2008 womens gymnastics!

I wonder, more and more lately, how long my hands will be my own for.  On D I developed carpal tunnel at some point (when I can’t remember because I didn’t write it down at the time, I didn’t think I would need to know when it started).  I want to knit and sew all of the things that I want done before the baby comes in the next little while because towards the end on D I couldn’t even hold a pen, let alone a sewing needle.

This morning I started sewing these:

13 of them to be exact.  12 are for another felt food swap, one is for my niece.  I figured I might get the lemon curd (dairy free of course) done and the pie crust cut out but because of timing, and willingness on the part of the 3 year old in our house, I have actually sewn all of the pie crusts on and have now started on the cream.  It is really satisfying to see them start to take shape.  Tomorrow it is time for the raspberries and the blueberries!

M’s laptop (my old one that I got before we made D) died a quick & quiet death on Friday.  Primary hard drive failure 😦  We toyed with the idea of replacing it altogether but realistically we don’t have €500 to do that.  Because the laptop is so old (>4 years) the interface is different now and so finding a suitable, compatible hard drive is difficult.  BUT.  Expansys have come to the rescue again & it appears that we can get his laptop up and running again for €40.33 (inc VAT) + delivery!  I can also get a WiFi USB adaptor for my newly reworking printer so that I can tell it to print without carrying the laptop up and down the stairs.

So, in the last 3 days I have saved €80 by “fixing” my printer and €445 by being able to fix, rather than replace, M’s laptop.  Do I get to go out spending now?

I have started to think about buying some of the things that I might need for the baby!  This is a huge step for me.  So far I have come up with:  small wraps for my nappies (I sold the last ones as part of a set that I was selling on), extra washable wipes, long sleeve vests, day 1 babygrow for the slightly bigger baby (the one that M shoehorned D into is just too small to think about reusing, unless we have a small baby – very funny idea – or I am induced early).  I am not yet at the point where I think I might take a baby home but I am aware of time running out for shopping comfortably.

In all of the time I have been writing this the baby has not moved and I now need to go up the stairs and check that the baby is OK.



1. Adie - August 18, 2008

I remember on ds3, I was completely ignoring the fact I was having a baby (for various reasons that I won’t go into here).

I went into premature labour at 34 weeks, and turned up to the hospital with nothing at all. Not one labour item, baby item, or post-partum item. Up till that moment I had been ignoring the entire thing, and I always said it was my baby’s wake-up call to me, saying “hey, I’m here too!”. I went out and semi-organised after that, just enough that if he did arrive, I’d have something to put him into.

But in reality, I only ever got the final things for baby once baby was actually here, in my arms. I had to stop on all babies at a baby shop on their way home from hospital and buy the rest of their stuff!

2. Susan - August 18, 2008

Thank goodness for that doppler! Completely understandable that you are using it, and glad little one is playing up to it once you’ve turned it off again!

The little cakes are GORGE! I’ve recently started buying knitted foods off ebay to go with our wooden stuff and its paining me to pay such low prices for peoples extremely talented work!

Excellent news on the laptop – technology is working well for you this week….hurray! And double hurray for all the saving money! You definitely deserve to spend some of that cash on ‘needs’ for baba. Maybe if you are still feeling ‘not ready’ to have things in the house, someone could store them for you? Then at least you are well prepared without having to send M out to shop the first few days after Babas arrival?

Thanks for the super long post!

BTW, whats with the password protected posts? Are they private ones for family members etc? Just got me wondering, thats all!


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