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The Uterine League August 18, 2008

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I am not sure what is being kicked around in there right now but it must be lots of fun!

In March M & I closed on the purchase of an apartment here in town.  It is a reasonably sized, ground floor, own front door, two bed apartment that shares a party wall with a commercial property.  Last November M had a preplanning meeting with the local council who saw no problem with us converting the apartment from a residential unit to a commercial unit.  So we bought it and put in the planning application.

That took 4 months for the planning to go through and as we got to the end of it we discovered that because the building is maintained by a management company we needed their direct permission to use the apartment as a commercial unit so that took another 4 weeks (2 weeks for them to say what they needed done – a letter to the owner of each unit looking for objections – and a 2 week deadline for them to reply.  There are 13 units & we needed a majority of respondents to have no problem with the plan.  We own one unit and the original builder still owns 6 which meant that we only needed 1 person to say it was OK to have a majority, which we got in the end).  Once the planning as granted we then had to apply for a fire cert (the local fire officer and access officers have to confirm that the building conforms with fire safety regulations with regards to spread prevention, access & egress).  The longest it should take is 8 weeks.  Ours took 7 but when it arrived it said that we didn’t need to install level access (the apartment has 2 steps up to get into it) which will save us a small fortune.

So.  In about 6 weeks time M will move from his rented shop to our (owned) shop.  While the process of converting the usage was lengthy and a pain in the ass it is our pension as the commercial rent is about 4 times the residential rent AND the property almost doubled in value once the finally planning notice arrived at the start of July.

We are now at the mercy of the ECB rather than the landlord but I would rather the ECB as they don’t decide to put the rent/rate up by obscene amounts every 2y9m!



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