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My Ice Cream Day August 20, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I am not actually going to eat an ice cream, although after 18w5d of being dairy free I want to, I really do, but I won’t.  Today is my ice cream day because I have 99 days left to my EDD.  My British & Irish readers will know, straight away, what a 99 is but I think a picture might be in order for the Canadians, Australians and USAnians.

Dang I want one of them right now.

The baby is celebrating the day along with me.  It has found my right floating rib.  Today’s movement is the most I have felt and it has been almost non stop.



1. N - August 21, 2008

Is that a flake bar in that ice cream cone?

2. Susan - August 21, 2008

Baby must wanna try a 99 too! Maybe you could sew one!!!??? 😉

Oh, just wondering, is D’s allergy a ‘forever’ thing or will he (hopefully) eventually grow out of it?

I know its vital – but just in case you need it – WELL done on refusing that ice-cream. Theyre not that nice anyway, and they hurt your teeth and give you brain freeze (ahem)

3. ajourneythrough - August 22, 2008

N… Yes it is a flake sticking out the top of the ice cream. They are nicer with raspberry syrup but I couldn’t find a nice picture of one 🙂

Susan… I hope the allergy isn’t a forever thing. I will have him retested when he is nearly 5 and this baby is just gone 1 (will have the baby done then too). I hope there will be a reduction in D’s response by then but if there isn’t we will have been doing dairy free for 2 years by then, heck it is easier now that I am dairy free than it ever was when it was just D.

Don’t say silly things like 99’s are not nice. They are too nice for words! I hope to have one in either 2010 or 2011!

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