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Rumpelstiltskin August 26, 2008

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As of 4.01pm yesterday I moved into the third trimester.  I can honestly say that I never thought I would get here.

I realised that my pharmacy could pull a Rumpelstiltskin on me if they want.  I paid for my initial round of “get me pregnant” drugs and then the first round of “keep me pregnant” ones but the day I collected the second lot of “keep me pregnant” drugs I forgot my steroids and forgot to pay.  I have gone to pay a few times now and the credit card machine has been broken or I had forgotten my credit card etc and so I still owe them for the 3 set of drugs.  And as we all know from the story the Millers Daughter is not able to pay for the 3 favour of spinning straw into gold and so Rumpelstiltskin says that he will take her baby instead.  Now I hate the story for its complete lack of respect for women (I am sure there is a word for that but I don’t remember it and haven’t got the energy to try) but the general theme is here in my life at the moment so I must take myself, poste haste to the pharmacy and settle my bill!

Movement is constant now.  I have a little faith that if it falls asleep it will wake back up and start moving again.  Yesterday D was sitting beside me fidgeting and the Internal One was jumping around so I asked them both to sit quietly for 5 minutes and they did!  Whoot!

I think the Internal One is breech for now.  I will find out in 2 weeks at my next appointment but it will probably turned many times before then 🙂



1. Lorna - August 26, 2008

Congratulations !!

I have found that the first trimester weeks seemed to drag by really slowly and on the third one the weeks flew by v. fast – hope the same happens to you.

Take care.

2. Ruth - August 26, 2008

Third trimester – excellent, excellent news!!

So… boy, girl? Girl, boy?? What is your gut telling you? Can we talk names yet?? 🙂

3. Calliope - August 26, 2008

Happy 3rd tri, sweetie. SO SO SO effing exciting!

4. ajourneythrough - August 26, 2008

I think it will definitely be either a boy or a girl! That is as close as I am to knowing either way.

D is sure sure sure it is a boy. My mother is sure it is a girl. My cleaner is saying boy. Lots of people are saying girl because of the Gentlemans Family thing. Who knows?

There has been no discussion of names within the house so there is nothing to talk about on here. M has a name in mind but the initials just DO.NOT.WORK. for me.

5. Ruth - August 26, 2008

It’s funny how initials matter isn’t it. I don’t like names that alliterate myself and I liked the three initials to make sense so we have a CEB and a SEB

We get the Gentlemans Family too. And we often get the English/Protestant family thing too, esp since D actually is English. People are strange in what they say

6. ajourneythrough - August 26, 2008

I have never heard it be called a Protestant family. I am not sure my Catholic parents would be overly happy with that one… but then, I am not sure they are overly happy with their grandson (and future grandson/daughter) being raised Protestant but that is a post for another day.

The problem I have at the moment is that the initials in question are JC! I am fine with the others in house (even though I have met someone with the same “name” as each of our initials)… LC (Elsie), MC (Emsee) and DC (Deasy).

I think there will be a naming post soon which will outline the rules for choosing a childs name in this house… there are many which cuts the list down A LOT.

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