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I’ve lost my mum! August 27, 2008

Posted by The Mom in parenting.

Last night I was thinking “Now, that is 1 of the 4 weeks to wait for the next Ob appointment over” and then I realised that my math was all wrong and it is infact 2 weeks.  So I am half way to the wonderful, exciting, delightfully tasting GTT!

Two weeks ago when we were heading home from the last appointment we stopped into Lif.fey Val.ley to get some things in Boo.ts.  While I was in there D & M were sitting outside waiting for me.  D & I have been practicing what he would do if I were to get lost in the supermarket/shopping centre etc (Only adults get lost in this house, children know where they are all the time).  Anyway, back to the story.  D & M were sitting on the bench outside the store and the following conversation happened:

D: Where is Mamma?
M: In Boo.ts.  She will be back in a few minutes
D: (at the top of his lungs) I’ve lost my Mum.  Can you help me?  Her name is (insert my name)

M was mortified, sitting there with people looking at him like he had kidnapped D.  It was very funny and D thought the whole thing was hilarious!  The only thing he didn’t do that we have talked about is he must go and find another Mamma to say all of that to.



1. Lorna - August 27, 2008

Reading your post title I thought something had happened your own mother!!

Good luck with GTT – I had it done when pregnant with DD and it turned out I had GD which was controlled by diet alone. It’s hard to drink all that Lucozade at once – ugh!!

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