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Descent into chaos! August 29, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

My cleaners daughter got married last week so she didn’t come to restore order to my house.  She decided to take this week off as well which means my house now looks like a bomb has hit it.

M didn’t marry me for my house keeping skills and if he did then I would say by now, 6.5 years later, he has realised that he was in error 🙂  We have had the same cleaner (sent from the Lord to once a week bring my house back to something recognising the 4 bed semi that it is) for 18 months & I have become so used to her coming that I simply don’t know how to maintain any sort of calm without her.

She is back on Tuesday and I need to keep tredding water until then.  I am not quite (but nearly) counting the hours til she comes back.

Roll on Tuesday



1. Clemency - August 30, 2008

Oh my god, I would be destitute if my cleaner left me. It would be almost worse than my partner leaving me (ha).

Her name is Gorana, she’s Serbian, and I love her. I seriously, seriously love her. She gives me so much quality of life! Friends keep trying to poach her but her number is a carefully guarded secret.

Hope your cleaner returns to the fold soon!

2. Ruth - August 30, 2008

If I were brutally honest here I would admit that I don’t get the whole cleaner thing but that’s neither here nor there I suppose.

I hope you manage ok from now until Tuesday and that your cleaner’s daughter had a nice wedding. Did they travel for it?

3. ajourneythrough - August 30, 2008

Ruth… I am laughing at the irony of your question. Yes they did, in essence travel for the wedding. The nearest hotel that would take them is between Drogheda & Dundalk. My cleaner is a member of the Travelling Community & the wedding that took place in the Cathedral the week before had the reception cancelled just after the wedding ceremony finished. Sadly there continues to be a huge divide between the settled and travelling communities in Ireland with a lot of animosity on both sides.

4. Ruth - August 30, 2008

Yeah no I knew that. I couldn’t remember which party usually travels – I had a friend who was a traveller but she & her brother had a joint wedding so they travelled for that. We lost touch when the halting site her family lived on for 20+ years was turned into a housing estate and she moved somewhere else..

5. ajourneythrough - August 30, 2008

They are both from here… they are actually 4th cousins so while this is her 5th daughter to get married she is the first one to not change her name 🙂

They were married in the Cathedral in town and then travelled for the reception.

I am looking forward to hearing the details on Tuesday.

6. Ruth - August 30, 2008

Well I hope the reception went well for them, especially after the cancellation. That must have been very upsetting for them to come out of the blue like that. I wonder whether we’ll ever reach a point where there isn’t such a great divide between settled and travellers

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