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This time, the other time September 30, 2008

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I realised last night that it was around now on my pregnancy on D that I turned 30th.  Just now I worked it out that it was in fact 31w4d which was yesterday.  It took such a long time to get to 31w4d on D.  This time it seems to have flown by.

I had a filling done yesterday on one of my two wisdom teeth.  Afterwards I had some lunch & 3 hours later realised that I had not only bitten, I had massacred the left side of my lower lip so now I have this big, bloody, sore lip that gets bumped off everything 😦

M has moved into his new shop and is like a kid in a candy store.  The place looks really well and the guy who did it (my handiman) did a fab job and is also like a kid in a candy store (we are not sure if he has ever done such a big, non residential, job).  He has some before and after photos which I might post when we get our hands on them.

I can’t believe I am only a week away from my next Ob appointment & scan.  I am scared to find out how big this baby is.  The good thing is that it is head down and in position (back up my left side) just as its big brother was at this point.

At one point last week it had its feet on my 10th rib and its head on my cervix and was playing “How long can I be?”  It was SORE!


White Smoke September 29, 2008

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We seem to have some names!

An Bord Pleanala September 25, 2008

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Yesterday I recounted a story to M about a woman going home from the hospital 17 hours after her baby was born & said that if I didn’t bleed on this baby the way I did on D (I lost a litre to a post partum haemorrhage) then I will leave as soon as they let me out.  Earlier that day I thought that it would make perfect sense to go to my mothers with TIO as soon as we are discharged for a few days.  D will already be staying there so it is a good idea to join him.

When I recounted the story to M (without mentioning my mothers house) he said “Sure it would make sense for you to go to your mothers for a few days”.  I am just so happy that we came up with the same idea without each other, rather than me having to sell the idea to him.

This evening, while making up our bed in my mothers house, my mother & I were talking about plans for after TIO comes.  It was just so wild to be making those plans as something that we are going to do in the next few months.

So the plan, at this stage, is that TIO and I will get discharged as soon as the doctor is willing.   If they require bloods or any other testing then we will present ourselves back at the hospital as my mothers house is about 15 minutes away.  Being in her house I can have a bed downstairs, I will be fed & watered, D will be entertained & continue to be made special while TIO and I are getting to know each other and getting BF established.  Visiting hours won’t be restricted to 6 – 8pm and I won’t have a nurse waking me at 6am.  I won’t have to worry about my food being dairy free or that someone will change TIO’s nappy and throw it in the bin rather than putting it in the nappy bag.

Still odd to be making plans.

It’s systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic September 22, 2008

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Well, it is now automatic.  The electrician came this morning and fit 3 timers (and put in a socket for my washing machine 🙂 ) for my motorised valves!  I am so excited.

I had decided that I had €1000 running away money (not that I intend to run away and I hadn’t put it away specificially) and as I wouldn’t be running away with 2 small children I figured I would spend the €1000 on making the house I wasn’t running from warm when I want it to be warm.  The motorised valves + installation cost me €300.  The timers, socket & installation today cost me €200!  So if I really want to I can run half way but why would I want to when I have central heating that works the way I want it to!

I will have my camera back from my mother on Thursday so I will take photos of the Hallowe’en bags with cookies & candy, the bananas and the pears that I made the other day.  I have also cut out felt for carrots, oranges and apples.

Loose Ends September 19, 2008

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The electrician didn’t show up yesterday (he was working on his brothers house, blah, blah, blah).  By 5.35pm D & I were more than a little stir crazy and good for nothing but a walk helped us out.

I have been sewing by day and knitting at night.  Yesterday I cut out 2 peelable bananas, 3 pears & 2 carrots and made up 8 Hallowe’en cookies.  Today I made up the 3 pears and finished off the mini pumpkins & candy swirls for the kids Hallowe’en bags.  My camera is in Italy at the moment (it went to the Grand Prix in Monza with my mother & sister) but as soon as it is back I will take some photos.  I am loving the end products and D is happy to let me sew while he makes jigsaws or feeds me with other felt food 🙂

Last week I knit a red cardigan & I am in the middle of a pair of trousers to match.  I keep having to remind myself that this will be a Winter baby and that I need layers!  Like the sewing I will take photos once I have the camera back.

Tomorrow is M’s last day working in his old shop.  The apartment/shop renovation won’t be finished until late next week but most of the work next week involves removing basins & chairs from the existing shop to the new one so he will work in a makeshift area for a few days.  D is giddy at the idea of new apartment shop and loves to visit the work in progress.

My mother has been away for over a week and I have felt her absence.  While her visits are whirlwind and we usually end up going to town etc there is a certain amount of distraction involved in her visits.  D and I are going there for our second last pre-birth visit next weekend so I should get a little down time while he gets busy with his Nanna.

My heart continues to race (anything up to 140 bpm which is very high considering my non pregnant resting rate is about 82 bpm) and it is becoming more physcially distressing but there is nothing that can be done so I must grin & deal with it for the next 10 weeks or so.

Beside myself September 17, 2008

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There is no proper way to describe the excitement I am feeling at the moment.  It has nothing to do with babies or pregnancy or D or M.  This is about central heating!!

Let me explain.  I have gas fired central heating which does a great job of heating water and the house in general.  There are 3 seperate levers on the pipe work to allow me to turn off the heating to the hot water tank, the upstairs radiators and the down stairs radiators.  These pipes are on the back wall under the counter in the utility and they are becoming increasingly difficult to get to, but I am getting ahead of myself.  At the moment there is no need to have the upstairs radiators on because it is not that cold yet but I want the house heated in the morning as it can be quite cold.  I also want hot water during the day.  Obviously if I am heating water during the day I don’t want to be heating the house.  If I want to heat water during the day without having the radiators on I have to go into the utility and turn the lever which is easy enough EXCEPT I regularly forget to turn the lever one way or another so I end up heating the house during the day or not heating it in the morning.

Today my plumber called and had a look.  He is going to fit 3 motorised valves instead of the manual ones that are there.  I then need an electrician to connect up the valves to timers and the timers to the control timer for the boiler.  This will mean that I can control the 2 sets of radiators and the water seperately and by timer.  I know it sounds small but it is huge for me to be able to walk away from the boiler and have it do what I want it to do.

To my shock and amazement the plumber is back already (not known for his time keeping 🙂 ) and the electrician is coming tomorrow after lunch to fit the timers.  Whoot!

The Last Day September 17, 2008

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Today is the last day of my 20’s.  I will be 30w tomorrow which BLOWS MY MIND.

At the start of any pregnancy I set the goalposts at 30w.  I am not a “I’ll be fine at 12 weeks” or even “24 weeks is legally viable” person.  Give me 30w.

Cosleeping September 14, 2008

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I am very open about the fact that I cosleep with one of the men in my life and not the other. The one I sleep with doesn’t snore or hog the covers but does manage to spread his 40″ long body all the way across the bed leaving me with maybe 18″ of mattress.

I am sick and tired of people asking me how I am going to get him out of the bed and into his own room in the next 6 or so weeks before The Internal One (TIO) arrives. I politely tell them that he will leave when he wants to.

D & I have talked about this. I asked him where he would sleep when TIO arrives. He told me on his side. I asked him where TIO would sleep and he said “On your side”. It all makes perfect sense to him, and to me.

My mother, who coslept with my brother until he was 5 (one baby after him who died secondary to uterine rupture following unnecessary active management of labour in NMH) is gently pushing for D to be moved out. I am gently replying that I want him to want to leave. I don’t want him to think that he has to leave because TIO is coming.

Recently she tried to settle him to sleep in her bed. It didn’t work. He can be settled in any bed that is defined as his bed and goes down really well in the bed we sleep in in her house. On Friday he told me that when Nanna comes to stay the next time he wants to go to bed in her bed for a little while but then he wants to go back to our bed and go to sleep

My niece (3 days older than D) has just recently moved into her own room from her mothers bed. It was her own choice & both of them are happy with it. My niece continues to be welcome in her Mammy’s bed. This move by my niece has redoubled my mothers efforts to get D out of my bed. The latest one was “Put Spiderman bedclothes on the bed and he will want to sleep in it”. I reminded her that if he gets up to pee before I go to bed he comes looking for me and asks why I forgot to go to bed… Spiderman bedding is not going to drag him away just yet.

I already know that unless there is something wrong TIO will get a bedside cot in the Rotunda (I know they exist because I had one on D) and I will use it as the thing that stops TIO falling out of the hospital bed ;) And I will go home to my side of the bed as soon as I can.

5 year & still making September 11, 2008

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On September 11th 2003 M & I went to our second visit with our first initial infertility specialist and had our diagnosis confirmed (M had gotten his SA results on the phone 2 days before).  8 months & 6 days after we started trying to make a baby we were referred for ICSI!

In the intervening 5 years we have done 7 cycles, 5 fresh & 2 frozen, we have gotten pregnant 4 times, had 2 miscarriages & 2 ERPC’s, have one beautiful nearly 3.5 year old and are blessed with the honour of having an almost 3/4 cooked baby inside.  It has been a long 5 years and yet that initial visit to HA.RI, 5 years & 7 days ago, seems like yesterday.

A Great Adventure September 10, 2008

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D & I went to Dublin on the train on Monday. We sat across from a dinkleman (what D calls gentleman) because it was the first double seat we came to and D sat into it without consulting me. I dread sitting across from people as D is a banger (he will bang his head off the chair if he can’t find anything to bang off the table) and he is a shouter. We sat in, got our picnic out (kids biscuits, a bar & his cup of water) & I got out my knitting. He looked out the window, told me what he could see, played with the arm rests, looked over the back of the seat flirting with the woman sitting behind us and after about 40m (of a 65m journey) he started to get bored and I remembered that I had a measuring tape in my bag so he played with that for a while. Then we were inside the city and therefore traveling slower and there was MUCH more to see so he was relatively occupied. We got to the station, let the other people get off and while we were getting ready the dinkleman stood up. D started talking about the train driver driving away before we got off the train. I assured him that the driver wouldn’t and that if he did I wasn’t running to get us off the train. At this point the dinkleman opened his mouth for the first time. He commended me for taking D on the train, assured me that he wouldn’t be running to get off the train either and told me that D was a lovely kid. WAY TO MAKE A PREGNANT WOMAN CRY!!

From the train we got on the bus with D carrying his own bag and being a pleasure to travel with. We talked the whole way to Nanna’s on the bus and when we got off he was amazed that Nanna’s house was JUST THERE!

My mother minded him for me on Tuesday morning while I went for my GTT which was, as I expected, great fun! I got lots of knitting done. Got no bruises (sign of a fab midwife) & was very shaky at the end. I went shopping, bought an Ani.ta underwire maternity bra, had some lunch and then collected D from my mother & aunt so that we could go to the Ob appointment.

Appointment went fine. BP was 120/70, urine is clear, the Internal One is head down. I am 28w6d today and yesterday my bump was measuring 30 – 31w and the Ob is finally conceding that I might be having a big baby 🙂

I wanted to see him every 3 weeks til 37w5d but he wants to see me in 4 weeks for a scan (to check the size of the baby), then 3 weeks, then 2 weeks at 37w5d for a full scan to check the size of the baby. Different appointment pattern than I had planned but the same end point, a visit at 37w5d.

This way I will also have an appointment on Oct 28th and had planned to visit with my family on Oct 30th so D & I will go up on the 28th and stay with my family for a long visit. This will probably be the last visit before the baby comes and will give me the chance to make sure that everything is in order food, clothes and medication wise before the off. It also means that my sister can take over for Hallowe’en with her daughter and D.

D was a star on the way home on the train too, except when he turned around on the train and at full volume said “Mamma, why is that man brown?” He wouldn’t let it go so I did the basic 3 year old version of different races and skin colours and he was happy.

All in all the few days was, as D called it, A Great Adventure.