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A Bullet Point One September 2, 2008

Posted by The Mom in parenting, pregnancy, TV.

I keep thinking of little things I want to say but none of them amount to a full post so none of them are getting said.  So I thought a bullet point post would get them all out of the way.

  • I cannot get over the kindness and thoughtfulness of the people who I have never met.  One of my readers is sending me maternity & breastfeeding clothes.  Another found a dairy free sauce in the supermarket yesterday and thought of me.  It is so nice to not be alone in this world.
  • The proper words are pregnant and baby.  Not pg, not preggo, not bubs, not baba.  Just pregnant and baby.  Check the dictionary.
  • Pouring a glass of water is not the same as drinking it
  • I keep having future shock moments about birthing The Internal One.  Not where or when just the fact that it has to come out 🙂
  • I have completed 17 felt tarts.  They are so cute.  There is a photo of 14 of them below.
  • I am sick of turning over jigsaw pieces
  • D’s cutest sentence is “That’s the actually good idea”  Obviously I say “Actually, that’s a good idea” a lot!
  • It goes against everything that I am but I love Mad Men (smoking (in & out of pregnancy), drinking (in & out of pregnancy), adultery, slapping children… oy the list goes on)
  • I am not sleeping well at night.  I go through a cycle of “The Internal One is not moving, move please, oh, it moved, oh it is still moving, oh it stopped moving, move please” rinse, repeat.
  • D is going all night without peeing!  YAY D!
  • I am not looking forward to my GTT and can’t think of what food to bring for after the test (they will give me tea & a scone but I don’t drink tea and can’t eat a scone because they are made with milk)
  • My cleaner rescheduled to Thursday.  I am counting the hours til she comes and fixes my house
  • I am seeing odd things in my peripheral vision these days.  Not good.
  • GP checked my BP yesterday.  It was perfect.  YAY me!



1. Adie - September 3, 2008

I always have thought of “pg” as pregnancy and “please God” (as in, please God give me a pregnancy). Now everytime I write “pg” I always, always say a silent “thank you God”.

2. Lorna - September 3, 2008

I had GTT in The Coombe and there you get two slices of toast or brown bread with butter etc and tea or`coffee. Chance your arm and ask for the toast or brown bread instead – sure all they can say is no.

I had gestational diabetes so went to each hospital appointment fasting from midnight. After the first blood test of the day I would get a voucher for tea and toast – I used to be there so early I had to sit in the staff canteen!!

3. Mia - September 3, 2008

Love those felt tarts….

Also had GTT in the Coombe and hated it…but seeing as hospitals have to cater for all dietary requirements, see if they can do something for you as you’re dairy-free. I’m sure you’re not the first person who has come through their doors as dairy free….

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