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A Great Adventure September 10, 2008

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D & I went to Dublin on the train on Monday. We sat across from a dinkleman (what D calls gentleman) because it was the first double seat we came to and D sat into it without consulting me. I dread sitting across from people as D is a banger (he will bang his head off the chair if he can’t find anything to bang off the table) and he is a shouter. We sat in, got our picnic out (kids biscuits, a bar & his cup of water) & I got out my knitting. He looked out the window, told me what he could see, played with the arm rests, looked over the back of the seat flirting with the woman sitting behind us and after about 40m (of a 65m journey) he started to get bored and I remembered that I had a measuring tape in my bag so he played with that for a while. Then we were inside the city and therefore traveling slower and there was MUCH more to see so he was relatively occupied. We got to the station, let the other people get off and while we were getting ready the dinkleman stood up. D started talking about the train driver driving away before we got off the train. I assured him that the driver wouldn’t and that if he did I wasn’t running to get us off the train. At this point the dinkleman opened his mouth for the first time. He commended me for taking D on the train, assured me that he wouldn’t be running to get off the train either and told me that D was a lovely kid. WAY TO MAKE A PREGNANT WOMAN CRY!!

From the train we got on the bus with D carrying his own bag and being a pleasure to travel with. We talked the whole way to Nanna’s on the bus and when we got off he was amazed that Nanna’s house was JUST THERE!

My mother minded him for me on Tuesday morning while I went for my GTT which was, as I expected, great fun! I got lots of knitting done. Got no bruises (sign of a fab midwife) & was very shaky at the end. I went shopping, bought an Ani.ta underwire maternity bra, had some lunch and then collected D from my mother & aunt so that we could go to the Ob appointment.

Appointment went fine. BP was 120/70, urine is clear, the Internal One is head down. I am 28w6d today and yesterday my bump was measuring 30 – 31w and the Ob is finally conceding that I might be having a big baby šŸ™‚

I wanted to see him every 3 weeks til 37w5d but he wants to see me in 4 weeks for a scan (to check the size of the baby), then 3 weeks, then 2 weeks at 37w5d for a full scan to check the size of the baby. Different appointment pattern than I had planned but the same end point, a visit at 37w5d.

This way I will also have an appointment on Oct 28th and had planned to visit with my family on Oct 30th so D & I will go up on the 28th and stay with my family for a long visit. This will probably be the last visit before the baby comes and will give me the chance to make sure that everything is in order food, clothes and medication wise before the off. It also means that my sister can take over for Hallowe’en with her daughter and D.

D was a star on the way home on the train too, except when he turned around on the train and at full volume said “Mamma, why is that man brown?” He wouldn’t let it go so I did the basic 3 year old version of different races and skin colours and he was happy.

All in all the few days was, as D called it, A Great Adventure.



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