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Cosleeping September 14, 2008

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I am very open about the fact that I cosleep with one of the men in my life and not the other. The one I sleep with doesn’t snore or hog the covers but does manage to spread his 40″ long body all the way across the bed leaving me with maybe 18″ of mattress.

I am sick and tired of people asking me how I am going to get him out of the bed and into his own room in the next 6 or so weeks before The Internal One (TIO) arrives. I politely tell them that he will leave when he wants to.

D & I have talked about this. I asked him where he would sleep when TIO arrives. He told me on his side. I asked him where TIO would sleep and he said “On your side”. It all makes perfect sense to him, and to me.

My mother, who coslept with my brother until he was 5 (one baby after him who died secondary to uterine rupture following unnecessary active management of labour in NMH) is gently pushing for D to be moved out. I am gently replying that I want him to want to leave. I don’t want him to think that he has to leave because TIO is coming.

Recently she tried to settle him to sleep in her bed. It didn’t work. He can be settled in any bed that is defined as his bed and goes down really well in the bed we sleep in in her house. On Friday he told me that when Nanna comes to stay the next time he wants to go to bed in her bed for a little while but then he wants to go back to our bed and go to sleep

My niece (3 days older than D) has just recently moved into her own room from her mothers bed. It was her own choice & both of them are happy with it. My niece continues to be welcome in her Mammy’s bed. This move by my niece has redoubled my mothers efforts to get D out of my bed. The latest one was “Put Spiderman bedclothes on the bed and he will want to sleep in it”. I reminded her that if he gets up to pee before I go to bed he comes looking for me and asks why I forgot to go to bed… Spiderman bedding is not going to drag him away just yet.

I already know that unless there is something wrong TIO will get a bedside cot in the Rotunda (I know they exist because I had one on D) and I will use it as the thing that stops TIO falling out of the hospital bed ;) And I will go home to my side of the bed as soon as I can.



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