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Beside myself September 17, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

There is no proper way to describe the excitement I am feeling at the moment.  It has nothing to do with babies or pregnancy or D or M.  This is about central heating!!

Let me explain.  I have gas fired central heating which does a great job of heating water and the house in general.  There are 3 seperate levers on the pipe work to allow me to turn off the heating to the hot water tank, the upstairs radiators and the down stairs radiators.  These pipes are on the back wall under the counter in the utility and they are becoming increasingly difficult to get to, but I am getting ahead of myself.  At the moment there is no need to have the upstairs radiators on because it is not that cold yet but I want the house heated in the morning as it can be quite cold.  I also want hot water during the day.  Obviously if I am heating water during the day I don’t want to be heating the house.  If I want to heat water during the day without having the radiators on I have to go into the utility and turn the lever which is easy enough EXCEPT I regularly forget to turn the lever one way or another so I end up heating the house during the day or not heating it in the morning.

Today my plumber called and had a look.  He is going to fit 3 motorised valves instead of the manual ones that are there.  I then need an electrician to connect up the valves to timers and the timers to the control timer for the boiler.  This will mean that I can control the 2 sets of radiators and the water seperately and by timer.  I know it sounds small but it is huge for me to be able to walk away from the boiler and have it do what I want it to do.

To my shock and amazement the plumber is back already (not known for his time keeping 🙂 ) and the electrician is coming tomorrow after lunch to fit the timers.  Whoot!



1. A concerned radiator. - September 17, 2008

You need to get out more.

2. Adie - September 18, 2008

We did this too, and I got as excited as you did also! It’s the little things in life…!

My plumber also came on time, because I was quite late in pregnancy also, and his wife made him come to me, in case I tripped trying to get out to the garage to switch it manually!

3. moi - September 18, 2008

that’s fantastic! I’m delighted for you.

4. jacqueline - September 19, 2008

As someone who just got her heating fixed yesterday, I can totally understand the excitement (in a sad kinda way!).

5. Ciara - September 19, 2008

Laura, have you ever thought of turning your blog into a book? I’m sure there’s a market for it.

6. Cordelia - September 19, 2008

Is this what pregnancy and felt tarts do to you Laura, I daresay you are going a little mad.
I do think you should turn your blog into a book! It would have the kind of readership similar to that of Sue Townsend when she wrote the diary of adrian mole.

7. ajourneythrough - September 19, 2008

Ciara: That is very kind of you but it really is just the random ramblings of an untidy mind. Not quite structured enough to make into a book.

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