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Loose Ends September 19, 2008

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The electrician didn’t show up yesterday (he was working on his brothers house, blah, blah, blah).  By 5.35pm D & I were more than a little stir crazy and good for nothing but a walk helped us out.

I have been sewing by day and knitting at night.  Yesterday I cut out 2 peelable bananas, 3 pears & 2 carrots and made up 8 Hallowe’en cookies.  Today I made up the 3 pears and finished off the mini pumpkins & candy swirls for the kids Hallowe’en bags.  My camera is in Italy at the moment (it went to the Grand Prix in Monza with my mother & sister) but as soon as it is back I will take some photos.  I am loving the end products and D is happy to let me sew while he makes jigsaws or feeds me with other felt food 🙂

Last week I knit a red cardigan & I am in the middle of a pair of trousers to match.  I keep having to remind myself that this will be a Winter baby and that I need layers!  Like the sewing I will take photos once I have the camera back.

Tomorrow is M’s last day working in his old shop.  The apartment/shop renovation won’t be finished until late next week but most of the work next week involves removing basins & chairs from the existing shop to the new one so he will work in a makeshift area for a few days.  D is giddy at the idea of new apartment shop and loves to visit the work in progress.

My mother has been away for over a week and I have felt her absence.  While her visits are whirlwind and we usually end up going to town etc there is a certain amount of distraction involved in her visits.  D and I are going there for our second last pre-birth visit next weekend so I should get a little down time while he gets busy with his Nanna.

My heart continues to race (anything up to 140 bpm which is very high considering my non pregnant resting rate is about 82 bpm) and it is becoming more physcially distressing but there is nothing that can be done so I must grin & deal with it for the next 10 weeks or so.



1. Ruth - September 30, 2008

How is the new shop coming along?

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