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An Bord Pleanala September 25, 2008

Posted by The Mom in cloth, family, parenting, Planning, pregnancy.

Yesterday I recounted a story to M about a woman going home from the hospital 17 hours after her baby was born & said that if I didn’t bleed on this baby the way I did on D (I lost a litre to a post partum haemorrhage) then I will leave as soon as they let me out.  Earlier that day I thought that it would make perfect sense to go to my mothers with TIO as soon as we are discharged for a few days.  D will already be staying there so it is a good idea to join him.

When I recounted the story to M (without mentioning my mothers house) he said “Sure it would make sense for you to go to your mothers for a few days”.  I am just so happy that we came up with the same idea without each other, rather than me having to sell the idea to him.

This evening, while making up our bed in my mothers house, my mother & I were talking about plans for after TIO comes.  It was just so wild to be making those plans as something that we are going to do in the next few months.

So the plan, at this stage, is that TIO and I will get discharged as soon as the doctor is willing.   If they require bloods or any other testing then we will present ourselves back at the hospital as my mothers house is about 15 minutes away.  Being in her house I can have a bed downstairs, I will be fed & watered, D will be entertained & continue to be made special while TIO and I are getting to know each other and getting BF established.  Visiting hours won’t be restricted to 6 – 8pm and I won’t have a nurse waking me at 6am.  I won’t have to worry about my food being dairy free or that someone will change TIO’s nappy and throw it in the bin rather than putting it in the nappy bag.

Still odd to be making plans.



1. Susan - September 26, 2008

odd maybe – but oh so flippin exciting!

Sounds like a great idea to go to your mums to me.

Been away for Sept so just caught up with the blog!


2. G - September 26, 2008

sounds like a perfect plan.
it must be such a comfort to know that it’s sorted.

3. Ruth - September 29, 2008

It’s lovely to see you making plans! :0)

S was born at 5.30 am. I was discharged at 8.30am and she was discharged at midday. By the time she was 12 hours old I was sitting down in my home to a dinner cooked by my mother.

4. ajourneythrough - September 29, 2008

Oh Ruth, that sounds like my idea of heaven!

5. Ruth - September 30, 2008

I will keep my fingers crossed then that that is what you get!

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