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This time, the other time September 30, 2008

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I realised last night that it was around now on my pregnancy on D that I turned 30th.  Just now I worked it out that it was in fact 31w4d which was yesterday.  It took such a long time to get to 31w4d on D.  This time it seems to have flown by.

I had a filling done yesterday on one of my two wisdom teeth.  Afterwards I had some lunch & 3 hours later realised that I had not only bitten, I had massacred the left side of my lower lip so now I have this big, bloody, sore lip that gets bumped off everything 😦

M has moved into his new shop and is like a kid in a candy store.  The place looks really well and the guy who did it (my handiman) did a fab job and is also like a kid in a candy store (we are not sure if he has ever done such a big, non residential, job).  He has some before and after photos which I might post when we get our hands on them.

I can’t believe I am only a week away from my next Ob appointment & scan.  I am scared to find out how big this baby is.  The good thing is that it is head down and in position (back up my left side) just as its big brother was at this point.

At one point last week it had its feet on my 10th rib and its head on my cervix and was playing “How long can I be?”  It was SORE!



1. Lorna - October 1, 2008

Just over 8 weeks to go – that will fly by for you please God.

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