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He only shook it once October 7, 2008

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M, D & I went to Dublin for a few days to get some shopping done and attend my latest Ob appointment (hands up who can believe it is 4 weeks since the last one).

We went into Dublin city yesterday morning and in the space of a little more than 2 hours got everything (except facial scrub) that we went to get, and more that we needed but hadn’t been on the list.  The most significant thing that I can think of is a set of jersey bedding for my bed!  I have had the same 2 sets for the last 5 years and have spent the last 2 years looking for at least one extra set.  Yesterday I went into the bedding section of Mar.ks & Spen.ser and there they were: a white, a cream, a sky blue and a beige/tan set!  The beige/tan set was available in 5 ft so I, now as happy as a pig in you know what, own a third set of bedding.  I would love a 4th set (to retire one of the old ones permanently and keep the other as spare) but beggars can’t be choosers.

We all went to see the Ob today.  BP was 120/70 (I’m delighted) and urine was clear.  He did a scan to see what size the baby is at 32w5d.  Before he put the probe on he said “Now, D was a fine size baby” (he was 10lbs10.5oz for those of you who don’t know) and I agreed.  On went the probe and we had a quick look around to see that everything was where it should be.  Head down, back up my right side (it spun around on the drive to the hospital from my mothers), hands and feet to the left, facing my placenta, heart beating, plenty of fluid, lots of movement and everything where it should be.  All of that didn’t take long and the first thing he said was “And this baby is a fine size too”.  Head and abdomen are measuring the same at 35w!

We made a plan for future visits, a scan at 37w5d and a provisional idea of a date for converting TIO into TOEO.

Oh, the meaning of the title:  The Ob only shook my hand once 🙂



1. Susan - October 7, 2008

Wahoo for perfect blood pressure, perfect pee, and perfectly ‘fine-sized baba’.

Well done on the jersey sheets…I’m gonna head striaght to m&.s now…its a very short ‘season’ of when jersey bed clothes are available and its never when i decide i want them!!!

Can i get you the facial scrub and post it to you…a little ‘pregnant lady’ gift? I’ll be in dundrum tomorrow!


2. ajourneythrough - October 7, 2008

Thank you kindly but they have it in Tesco. D & I are heading there tomorrow.

I didn’t know jersey bedding had a “season”. Let me know what colours/patterns they have in DTC (in 5 ft of course)

3. Susan Rush - October 8, 2008

standing in dundrum now… And in the 5ft size they have the set in blue, cream, white and then the beige brown. Maybe call them and get them to hold a set for you. It’s a pretty stocked shelf though!

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