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What’s with the broken cars? October 15, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

For the last little while my boot has been spontaneously opening.  Either when I unlock the car or when I have forgotten to lock it.  The first time I thought I had sat on the remote (I have a boot opening button on my remote key) but the second time the key was on the head of the stairs and no where near my ass.  Days go by without it opening and then it happens 5 times in an hour.  The boot opens on gas springs so if the boot is unlocked it is OPEN, all the way, completely, contents on view for all who want to see and steal and obviously for the rain to rain on.

In the middle of last month I brought the car in for service 5 days after the car went out of warrantee!!!  They said they would plead the case for me (Ob appointment, couldn’t get the car in earlier etc) and get back to me.  A month later I have heard nothing.  Thankfully it wasn’t opening once the engine was running so as annoying as it was I just made sure the car was locked all the time when it was parked and closed the boot last before getting into the car.

This evening I was going into town to collect the dinner and the boot opened 4 times in the time it took me to unlock the car, close it 4 times and start the car.  Once the car was started the boot continued to open and open and open until I gave up, locked it and took M’s car keys.

Second car problem:  The battery in M’s remote key is dead so I had to unlock the car with the key and when I did the fucking boot opened!  This has been happening for a while, very intermittantly and thankfully the boot doesn’t open all the way, it just pops.  Off I go into town and as soon as I opened the car door to get out the boot popped again.

Needless to say I will be onto both garages in the morning.  I can’t deal with broken cars any more.



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