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I am getting there October 21, 2008

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The clothes are all washed, dried, folded and sorted by size.  The first lot of nappies are in the wash at the moment and the other half are ready to go on.  It is a beautiful day & I am getting laundry dried outside (which I love) so anything that can be washed is being washed.

The next job is to sort out the clothes into vacuum bags (if TIO is less than 10lbs we get to use as yet unused clothes, if it is bigger than 10lbs I need a whole other set of clothes).

TIO will go into the same babygrow that D went into (a very cute Tes.co Winnie the Pooh babygrow) unless it is bigger and then I need to have a spare 🙂

I bought myself a new holdall (and spent all of €12, big spender me).  It is bigger than my existing holdall so I will use the existing one for the hospital and pack our own stuff into the newer, bigger one.

I have lists made, now it is time to gather the stuff together.

I am still scared shitless!


On a side note I worked with Ruth’s husband and the new hard drive and we weren’t able to fix it.  I took the hard drive into the PC place in town yesterday and they weren’t able to see any more then I was when they plugged it into their machine.  They didn’t charge me (which I was stunned by) and told me that the drive was obviously faulty and it should be returned.  So that is what I am doing now, trying to sort out the return.



1. Ruth - October 21, 2008

No point in telling you not to be scared shitless but I have faith all will be well. I will be zen for you 😉

Hope the laptop gets sorted, D was telling me you texted him yesterday

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