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I have been busy October 25, 2008

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It has been a busy week in this house catching up with laundry etc.  My bags are ready to be packed and almost everything is in the same place 🙂  The camera batteries are charged and everything, that needs to be, is bought.

The arrival of Winter weather has made me a little concerned about having a tiny baby in this weather but, I reckon at this point, there is no point worrying!  It is not going to change anything.

I am 35w2d and have just measured my bump (had lost the cloth measuring tape but a tidy up of the table revealed not one but two tapes).  I measured it 3 times and it was 38cm, 38cm & 38.5cm!  I “should” measure between 35 & 35.5cm at the moment so as far as my bump is concerned it has 2 or less weeks left which equates to about 7lbs!  Now 7lbs with 2 weeks to go is fine, but 7lbs with 5 weeks to go is scary, especially at the estimated 0.5lb per week that TIO should gain.  Quick math works that out at 9.5lbs.



1. Ruth - October 26, 2008

You’re next!
With the arrival of my nephew this morning that makes you next on the list of babies whose arrivals I’m waiting on.

A went two weeks early & he was 8lbs odd, hopefully you’ll have a similar experience.
Mine were both small babies, I would be terrified of a 9lbs+ baby even though that’s silly really.

It’s so great to see you talk postively & confidently about when this baby is here. 🙂

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