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Iron, man October 29, 2008

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Midwife in the hospital rang today while I was TIO clothes shopping and told me my “blood was in my boots”  A little clarification later I discovered that she was telling me my haemoglobin was 10.4

At 12w5d it was 12.  At 28w5d it was 11.4.  At 35w5d it was 10.4.  I am happy enough with that progression considering I haven’t done anything about supplementing my iron.  I will start taking something now, if for no other reason than to prepare my body for labour.



1. Jean - October 30, 2008

Make sure you take it every day. Chronic anaemia ain’t fun as I discovered the hard way.

At 12 weeks, my iron was well over 12. At 35 weeks it had dropped to 9.9. But no-one told me that and by 40 weeks it had gone to 9.4. The obs had two units of blood in the theatre in case I had another pph. Thankfully I didn’t but it was still down to 7.4 the next day so I got an IV line full of iron for an hour and was on a double dose of oral iron for the first 6 weeks.

2. ajourneythrough - October 30, 2008

I have no idea what my iron was on D before he was born but after a PPH it was 6.4! I declined the transfusion and did double dose iron for 8 weeks. Not something I would like to repeat.

My Google reading last night suggested a link between low iron CAUSING PPH’s!

My essential purchase in DTC tomorrow is Spatone.

3. Jean - November 4, 2008

Only coming back to this now.

I was borderline for a transfusion, obs decided to try the IV first.

After my pph on my first section, my iron was 10.4!!!

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