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Review October 29, 2008

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I was with the Ob, not my own guy, yesterday.  It was interesting to be reminded of what it is like to not see the same person each time.  To be honest he was a little all over the place.  He dipped my urine, asked if I was having any problems peeing, I said no, he said there were nitrates in my urine and he would send a sample off to the lab.  Now while he was saying that he was putting my sample in the bin and there was no further mention of urine samples.  He checked my BP (120/78) and listened to the baby (after I told him where to listen).  He checked that the baby is head down and then not trusting his own judgement he used the scanner to check that the baby is indeed head down.  He waved a tape measure near my belly and announced that it was 36cm (in keeping with my dates).  He was unconcerned that 3 weeks ago my belly measured 35w.  It would bother me a lot to think that my bump, & therefore baby, only grew a week in the last 3 weeks.  He then started talking about estimated birth weight and came up with “not as heavy as your son, more like 4.2kg”  Now if my bump were measuring 36w then I wouldn’t be having a 4.2kg (9.5lbs) baby in 4 weeks time.  I smiled and nodded when he asked me for the 4th time if I had an appointment for my scan in two weeks.  It was just easier!

Susan:  Did you buy the jersey bedding?  I bought the beige & brown one the day I posted about it and it is lovely.

Ruth:  I have people on my expected baby list so it is odd to think that I am at the top of your expected baby list.

I have fallen in love with dairy free fudge from Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen.  It is by no means cheap but DANG it is good 🙂

I went shopping in Newry today and bought some long sleeve vests & babygrows for TIO so it is no longer second hand TIO 🙂  I also got a cute Christmas babygrow for TIO but I can’t find a photo of it for now.

D really likes cardigans and they go along with his nerdy scientist haircut really well.  Today I picked up one of these and one of these

Hands up who is blown away by the fact that Saturday is November.  Did I tell you all that someone asked me the other day how many DAYS I have left?  I still haven’t had a chance to tell someone that TIO is due next month but I am being asked about days.



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