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A Cosleepers Preparations November 7, 2008

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My recent need to pee more and more at night has made me realise something.  I get into and out of bed, make noise, flush the toilet etc all without waking D.  I get ready for bed at night in out bedroom (out of my clothes and into my PJ’s) without waking him.  A siginficant factor in that is the fact that D & I sleep with white noise.

Coming up to our first Christmas with D, I knew that I was disturbing D in the night and that if I didn’t do anything about it I was going to have to move D out of my room.  On Dec 31st 2005 I went to Dix.ons, bought a standard mini CD/radio, set it up in the bedroom, tuned it to the end of the FM frequency and turned it on.  It took us 3 nights to get used to the noise and we haven’t looked back.  In late 2006 we started doing overnight visits in my mothers house without white noise and for a long time it was not good. D didn’t fall asleep, we didn’t stay asleep.

In August 2007 we went to Ar.gos, bought an iP.od & docking station, downloaded a one minute white sample from wiki.pedia, “cut & pasted” it 29 times into the same file and dropped it onto the iP.od.  In early September we went to Spain for a week and D & I slept well, away from home, for the first time.  We now don’t stay away from home without the iP.od.  When D & I spent the night in my mothers before my 32w5d appointment we didn’t have the iP.od but we had given the file to my mother for her iP.od.  Only problem was that my sister had the docking station so we ended up putting the file onto a CD & borrowed my fathers Bo.se.  It wasn’t as good as the iP.od but it worked.

I am interested to see how white noise affects TIO’s sleeping.

The only other preparation I need to do is build the cosleeper (which I will do on Sunday when M takes D to visit his parents).

Tomorrows job is to finish packing the bags and get ready for the hospital appointment on Tuesday.



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