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It was just sleeping November 8, 2008

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This evening I sat at the kitchen table begging TIO to wake up.  It had not moved in the longest time and I couldn’t not worry.  I have ready, accidentally, far too many dead baby stories in the last few days and was convinced it had happened to me.

The bags are packed but I realised this evening that I have made no provision for staying longer than 2 nights in the hospital.  Ultimately my mothers washing machine is only 15 minutes away from the hospital and anything that needs to be can be laundered and returned in 3 – 4 hours but I really am not prepared for that possibility.

I don’t talk about M much on here because, as I have said before, this is not his blog but this one deserves to be noted.  M hates the ultrasound department in the maternity hospital that we are attending.  It is where we found out that A had died and he really dislikes going back.  Although the Ob and I have both been clear about where the scan is to take place on Tuesday, M didn’t hear it and so when I made it clear for him yesterday he was visibly distressed by the news.  Thankfully I told him yesterday rather than leaving it until Tuesday to let him know.  Because of the location of the impending scan his mood is not good.  I try to tell myself that it is the scan and TIO’s impending arrival but convincing my 8.5 month pregnant state to be tolerant is not easy.



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