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The news just in November 11, 2008

Posted by The Mom in pregnancy.

I had my scan this morning and while waiting 1hr15 minutes for it! I got a call from the Ob’s secretary to say that the Ob was stuck in London (flight delayed) and that someone else would be taking the clinic.  I was offered a reschedule or to attend with the locum.  It was the same guy that I saw 2 weeks ago and as much as I would like to have seen my own Ob I figured I was more likely to get what I wanted out of the locum 🙂

Scan eventually happened and the sonographer asked if I had a guess for the weight today and I said “Between 8 & 8.5lbs”.  She did her measurements and said “It is showing up as 8lbs3oz” so I was right.on.target!

Headed over to the Ob appointment just in time and talked to the locum about the bleed I had after D was born and again after my first ERPC.  He assured me that they would manage it prophylactically, “just to be sure”.  My BP was 120/80, urine was clear.  I am back with my own Ob on Tuesday for a pee & pressure check and my induction has been booked for the date of my choosing!

So all I have to say is: HOLY SHIT, TIO is coming out SOON!



1. Amanda - November 12, 2008

All looking well for you there 🙂 Wishing you all the best and thinking good thoughts of you being snuggled up with your new baby very soon!

2. Lorna - November 12, 2008

Looks like my weight prediction was correct. Not long to go now – best of luck.

3. Calliope - November 12, 2008

getting out my abacus and counting down!!!

4. jacqueline - November 13, 2008

Laura, wow – can’t believe it’s this close. Enjoy your last couple of weeks and best of luck.

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