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Equal Measures November 17, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

This one is for Gertrude 🙂

I am excited, a little.  The best way to describe it would be that I am equal parts excited, nervous and shit scared!

I am ready for this part to be over.  I have 3rd trimester itching (which I had in the first trimester too) but now I can’t reach all the places that I need to reach.  Last night I scratched my feet for an hour (between midnight and 1am) before I finally gave in, made an executive decision and took some of D’s Zirtec.  It obviously worked as I eventually fell asleep but my poor swollen feet are a little worse for wear!

I am back with my Ob tomorrow for a pee & pressure check and after that it is just a case of waiting til I see the consultant the next time.

My sisters are graduating with their matching First Class Honours degrees on my EDD (Thursday week) and I would obviously like to be “sorted” by then 🙂

D has a cold (poor boy).  It is all about coughing and snot in my world right now.  With any luck it will be over in a few days and I won’t have to deal with another one in a while and therefore won’t have to deal with TIO getting one.



1. G - November 17, 2008

see, i knew there was a bit of excitement there somewhere!!

2. Kitkat - November 18, 2008

TIO is coming – yeh!

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