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Collective thoughts November 19, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I went visiting with some former colleagues today and everyone asked when I am due.  It was SO cool to say “Tomorrow week”.

Everyone commented on how neat I am and that they couldn’t believe that I have nearly 9lbs of baby in there.  I really should take a photo before TIO comes out.  I have come to the conclusion that “you are so neat” is actually polite talk for “WOW you haven’t gained lots of weight”

If any of you all are interested in thinking positive thoughts for me then please think of induction by ARM rather than prostin, a birth on induction day as opposed to the day after induction day and a successful start to breastfeeding.



1. Susan - November 20, 2008

wishing those three things for you! you deserve nothing less…


2. jacqueline - November 20, 2008

Having been successful with only one of the three things you are wishing for, I most certainly wish you all the best and really hope you achieve your three wishes. It would be lovely if you went into labour yourself before then though!

3. Poppy - November 20, 2008

Is induction day the same as your due date?

What is ARM?

4. ajourneythrough - November 20, 2008

No induction day is not the same as my due date 🙂

ARM is artificial rupture of membranes

5. Ruth - November 20, 2008

Positive thoughts heading your way 🙂

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