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There’s a kind of hush November 23, 2008

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It is Induction Eve

The AndBehold household has an air of aprehension.  A sense of unknowing to the general mood.  It is completely understandable.  In the last 18 years there has been 3 births in the AndBehold house.  One was 17.5 years ago in less than ideal circumstances, one was 3.5 years ago but happened 6000 miles away with full family involvement and the other, D, was 3.5 years ago, 50 miles away, and had NO family involvement.

The idea of an elective induction is odd to the family.  My mother had 6 spontaneous labours, my sisters both had spontaneous labours and D was an “it’s about time the baby got out” induction at 11 days post “term”.

My bag is packed (except for shampoo, soap & toothbrush/paste, all of which I need tonight or tomorrow morning) and the Baby Safe Sleeper is in the car.

Positive (short) induction stories are filling me with hope.  Tonight the idea that TIO could be in arms in less than 24 hours fills me with equal amounts of awe, glee, anticipation and dread 🙂



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