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Restorative effect November 28, 2008

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While I hold no ill feelings about D’s birth (it was not the birthing experience that I wanted but the end result was exactly what I wanted) I can completely understand the desire to “fix” your birthing experience on a subsequent baby. I spent a lot of the hour after he was born saying “and I did it myself”. I didn’t realise it would mean so much to me to have an unmedicated birth (ignoring the induction part of course) but I am so glad I did it. It is very likely that I will never have another child so if this is the final chapter of the birthing book I am glad it has ended the way it did.

Interestingly it has also “cured” M. A large part of his unvocalised fear of late pregnancy was the long over night that I had on D and the prospect of having it on J too. When I was tucked up in bed with J inside my shirt he asked me if I would do it again. I said that I would but maybe not in the morning, to which he replied “Maybe a third wouldn’t be so bad if you could get it out like that” This is the first time M has expressed a desire to have more than one child (even though we have just had our second). I am happy for the effect that this experience has had on him.



1. Amanda - November 30, 2008

Many congratulations on the birth and safe arrival of the new addition to the family 😀

2. Susan - November 30, 2008

What wonderful WONDERFUL news about the birth of your new little one, and that the birth was one that had such a dramatic effect on M’s feelings on the experience. What an added bonus. I am thrilled beyond words and can’t believe TIO is HERE!!!!!


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