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Oooohhhh, look what I found December 28, 2008

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I wore my red Birkis today to the baptism & thought “I wonder if Birkenstock make a shoe” and hey! they do!  I am thinking birthday present 🙂


Sweet, like candy December 28, 2008

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I was sat here last night, watching John Adams, with the most overwhelming headache.  I realised that I had had a very low sugar day & that I have an incredibly high sugar diet (partly due to being dairy free).  I  had some candy popcorn & the headache went away.  Even with that I was lighter this morning when I stepped on the scales.

Today J was baptised.  My small boys were beautiful, dressed all in white & my tall boy was very dapper in a suit 🙂  Some of my family came down & as did his Godmother. My PIL’s live in town & were in attendance too.

I know what to talk about December 25, 2008

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I am seriously over weight.  I have a shameful amount of weight to lose.

When I was nursing D I didn’t take advantage of the weight loss effect of breastfeeding until he was 8 months old – silly me.  Not this time.  I want to be mindful of what I eat before I go to Washington DC (in 5.5  weeks time) & start weight watchers when I get back.  As far as I know I get an obscene amount of points while exclusively BF & I need the push to get out of the house to move more & to eat more veg.

I am already 5.6kg under my pre pregnancy weight & my first goal is another 10.2 before he weans onto solids in 5 months or so.

Oh Tannenbaum December 24, 2008

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While we were away M found the adaptors for our Christmas tree lights so the tree is all lit up.  There are dairy free oat biscuits and soya milk set out for Santa and D is almost ready for bed.  He has had 5 naps today (he is not well, at all) and once I get some cough medicine and paracetamol into him he will be heading off to bed.

I am not sure where I stand with regards to Christmas presents but it won’t matter.

In the morning we will check if Santa has been and then go to Church.  We will then go to my PIL’s for breakfast, open gifts there (although I already have mine from them) and then come home for family presents.

On Sunday my family are coming down for J’s baptism and will bring some presents for D and then on Monday we will head to Dublin for a few days & for my mothers bus pass birthday.


It is 1hr15min later & D is passed out in bed.  It took him 3 minutes to go to sleep.

M has just given me my “thank you for getting our baby out safe & sound” present.  A Nint.endo DS 🙂  He got me Professor Layton and the Curious Village to go with it.

The Fudge People December 23, 2008

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Once a year The Fudge People do a dairy free fudge selection as opposed to the toffee fudge that they offer year round.  The selection has Dairy Free Chocolate Swirl, Dairy Free Traditional Toffee, Dairy Free Maple & Walnut and Dairy Free Classic Chocolate Fudge in it.  The window of opportunity for the dairy free fudge is small.  Orders had to be in by Dec 17th for dispatch on the 18th.  It was going to cost me £31 to have 4 boxes of fudge (2 for me for the freezer, 1 for a friend and a milky box for my family for Christmas) delivered to Ireland or £12 to Northern Ireland.  As there were other things for me to collect in the North I decided to have it shipped there and drive up to collect it (cost of travel + shipping was less than £31).

I got an email from The Fudge People on Friday to say that there had been a problem and the fudge would be sent out by courier on Monday (22nd) and should arrive on Tuesday (23rd).  It arrived today, as expected, and when I was collecting it we discovered another box with my name on it from the same company.  When I got back to Dublin I opened it and discovered 10 slabs of Double Trouble Chocolate & Belgian Chocolate Swirl!!

That is £60 of fudge that I can’t return because it would have gone off by the time it arrived.  So I am giving away milky fudge to anyone who stands still long enough 🙂

It’s a wrap December 22, 2008

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My mother has been wanting to know what to get J for Christmas and needless to say I cannot think of anything that a 4 week old baby “needs”.

I decided to get a new sling (I have a padded ring sling from when D was smaller) and got a loan of one from a prefriend.  I love it.  J loves it.  He is asleep in it right now!

There was one on ebay with the auction finishing yesterday.  New the sling is $100 + $11 shipping.  I won the one on ebay for €23 inc postage!!  I am delighted.  I *might* get it before Christmas but I am not holding my breath.  Unfortunately because Christmas falls on Thursday & Friday the next post delivery day is Monday 29th and we are heading out early in the day so it will be NYE before I get it.  Regardless I am getting a sling that I want & for a bargain to boot 🙂

My other ebay score is a second charger for my camera battery for €6 inc shipping & I will be able to use it in the car.  I will leave it in the car full time and then I won’t be in the situation that I am now… I have a camera with 2 dead batteries because I forgot to charge the spare one before I left home on Thursday 😦

Now I just need to spend less money on other things.  Maybe in 2009…

Is it that I don’t want to share him? December 16, 2008

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This blog started as a record of my 7th IVF which evolved into a record of my 4th pregnancy but for some reason I am reluctant to have it evolve into a record of my second child.

There is not enough happening in my life to make it just about that so what am I to do?

Something I am happy to share is that we, the 4 of us, are going to Washington DC in 7 weeks!  We are going for a week & I will celebrate my 34th birthday there.  I can’t wait.  We are meeting with lots of The IVP women (I think M will be the only man there 🙂 )

Protected: The small boys December 15, 2008

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If I had had any sense December 15, 2008

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I wouldn’t have tried for a baby that was going to be born 4 weeks before Christmas but considering I tried for a baby that would have been due in July and one that would have been due in March etc and none of those worked there was no point planning on due dates.

Tomorrow starts M’s Christmas work “week”.  He will be off on Sunday and other than that will work until Christmas Eve.

For my sanity D, J & I are going to Dublin for the week.  I need to go and collect D’s Christmas presents from my mothers attic and have to sort out something for J from us, from D, from Santa and for D from J… a jigsaw will sort the latter but hmm… what do you buy for a 4 week old for Christmas?

Any ideas people?

My Poor Christmas Cards December 13, 2008

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I decided to get combined Christmas & birth announcement cards.  I didn’t want to send birth announcement cards as I see them as sort of fishing for gifts, which I don’t want to do.  I made this:

The cards arrived today & look like this:

Not good.  I have ordered them from somewhere else as they have a 3 day delivery option & I hope to get them out before Christmas.