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I have two hands December 8, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

J is asleep in M’s arms (he sleeps on one of us all day if he is not in the car and in bed with me at night) so I have both hands and am therefore free to type.

In the time coming up to J’s birth I blogged about the new hard drive that I bought which didn’t work the way it should have.  I returned it in the end, having jumped through all the hoops I could think of to get it to work myself, and now I have a brand new, working, 320Gb hard drive in my laptop.  I partitioned it before I put it into the laptop so that I didn’t get into the same “to partition or not” while installing Windows that got me into the bother I was in the last time.  I need to install a few more things and I will be sorted.

One of the downsides of having a new baby is that my hands are, as D describes them, prickly.  The skin on my hands is incredibly dry and I don’t have time to moisurise without washing them before I need to nurse D again or change his nappy again.  But right now, with my 2 hands free, I have moisturised and the sting has passed 🙂


1. Ruth - December 12, 2008

Been reading but not posting. You sound ultra blissed-out, I’m so glad to see it 🙂

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