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If I had had any sense December 15, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I wouldn’t have tried for a baby that was going to be born 4 weeks before Christmas but considering I tried for a baby that would have been due in July and one that would have been due in March etc and none of those worked there was no point planning on due dates.

Tomorrow starts M’s Christmas work “week”.  He will be off on Sunday and other than that will work until Christmas Eve.

For my sanity D, J & I are going to Dublin for the week.  I need to go and collect D’s Christmas presents from my mothers attic and have to sort out something for J from us, from D, from Santa and for D from J… a jigsaw will sort the latter but hmm… what do you buy for a 4 week old for Christmas?

Any ideas people?



1. Ruth - December 16, 2008

Perhaps something that J will grow into but that D will also get a kick out of, so that J has to “share” with D too.

I always found it helped when C was annoyed with a little sister who cried, or wanted to touch his stuff, to be able to remind him that he played with her stuff too!! 🙂

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