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It’s a wrap December 22, 2008

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My mother has been wanting to know what to get J for Christmas and needless to say I cannot think of anything that a 4 week old baby “needs”.

I decided to get a new sling (I have a padded ring sling from when D was smaller) and got a loan of one from a prefriend.  I love it.  J loves it.  He is asleep in it right now!

There was one on ebay with the auction finishing yesterday.  New the sling is $100 + $11 shipping.  I won the one on ebay for €23 inc postage!!  I am delighted.  I *might* get it before Christmas but I am not holding my breath.  Unfortunately because Christmas falls on Thursday & Friday the next post delivery day is Monday 29th and we are heading out early in the day so it will be NYE before I get it.  Regardless I am getting a sling that I want & for a bargain to boot 🙂

My other ebay score is a second charger for my camera battery for €6 inc shipping & I will be able to use it in the car.  I will leave it in the car full time and then I won’t be in the situation that I am now… I have a camera with 2 dead batteries because I forgot to charge the spare one before I left home on Thursday 😦

Now I just need to spend less money on other things.  Maybe in 2009…


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