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The Fudge People December 23, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

Once a year The Fudge People do a dairy free fudge selection as opposed to the toffee fudge that they offer year round.  The selection has Dairy Free Chocolate Swirl, Dairy Free Traditional Toffee, Dairy Free Maple & Walnut and Dairy Free Classic Chocolate Fudge in it.  The window of opportunity for the dairy free fudge is small.  Orders had to be in by Dec 17th for dispatch on the 18th.  It was going to cost me £31 to have 4 boxes of fudge (2 for me for the freezer, 1 for a friend and a milky box for my family for Christmas) delivered to Ireland or £12 to Northern Ireland.  As there were other things for me to collect in the North I decided to have it shipped there and drive up to collect it (cost of travel + shipping was less than £31).

I got an email from The Fudge People on Friday to say that there had been a problem and the fudge would be sent out by courier on Monday (22nd) and should arrive on Tuesday (23rd).  It arrived today, as expected, and when I was collecting it we discovered another box with my name on it from the same company.  When I got back to Dublin I opened it and discovered 10 slabs of Double Trouble Chocolate & Belgian Chocolate Swirl!!

That is £60 of fudge that I can’t return because it would have gone off by the time it arrived.  So I am giving away milky fudge to anyone who stands still long enough 🙂



1. Ruth - December 24, 2008

I’d say lucky you if only it was non dairy. Fudge is delish and that looks lovely.

Have a great Christmas L & family 🙂

2. seaflower - December 25, 2008

Enjoy it!
Pity I’m not near you, I’d have joined you in for some fudge :))))

3. ajourneythrough - December 25, 2008

M has decided it is too rich for him (for rich read sweet) so I have 5 slabs of fudge in the freezer & I can’t eat it!

I do have 7.5 slabs of dairy free fudge frozen though 🙂

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