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Oh Tannenbaum December 24, 2008

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While we were away M found the adaptors for our Christmas tree lights so the tree is all lit up.  There are dairy free oat biscuits and soya milk set out for Santa and D is almost ready for bed.  He has had 5 naps today (he is not well, at all) and once I get some cough medicine and paracetamol into him he will be heading off to bed.

I am not sure where I stand with regards to Christmas presents but it won’t matter.

In the morning we will check if Santa has been and then go to Church.  We will then go to my PIL’s for breakfast, open gifts there (although I already have mine from them) and then come home for family presents.

On Sunday my family are coming down for J’s baptism and will bring some presents for D and then on Monday we will head to Dublin for a few days & for my mothers bus pass birthday.


It is 1hr15min later & D is passed out in bed.  It took him 3 minutes to go to sleep.

M has just given me my “thank you for getting our baby out safe & sound” present.  A Nint.endo DS 🙂  He got me Professor Layton and the Curious Village to go with it.



1. Ruth - December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas to all the Twans, I hope it passed well. 🙂

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