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It is begun February 4, 2009

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We have arrived, alive, in Washington DC! It has been a long day that started at 5.30 for me when J wanted a drink. After that I couldn’t fall back asleep and D was awake for the day by 6.15. We got up and dressed at 6.30 and began our day. I checked us in online and was presented with boarding cards for M, J & I – none for D! The lovely gentleman at the Aer Lingus desk sorted that out for us without a bat of his eye and my 55kg of luggage was sent off to the hold.

We ate breakfast with my mother before she saw us to the gate. Security didn’t comment about D’s drink or make me take off my shoes but they made me take my sleeping baby out of his sling so that they could scan it! Not fun. There was a long wait and following adie’s suggestion we boarded last and BOY am I glad we did that. We sat on the plane on the tarmac for 75 minutes! There was ice on the wings and we had to wait for the men with the ice removing spray to come. All D wanted to do was take off!

The flight wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. J nursed and slept and flirted will all around. D ate & made a jigsaw & took dozol and slept for 2 hours! And I am so glad that he did.

We arrived in Dulles at 3.40pm local time and as we unloaded off the bus we were faced with a 100m wide snake queue. To the right was for the US citizens, to the left was for the nonUS citizens. The non US side was 50m wide and was 6 rows deep! We had 300m of people in front of us. It moved quickly enough and things were fine but after 50m J started to cry. A gentleman in the next row said that there was a facility for getting people with children through quicker. I went to the end of our row and spoke to our cabin crew who where waiting in their own immigration queue and they said no so I (and the screaming J) returned to the queue where M & I were sweating and D was telling us that he was hungry.

15m later I spotted one of the cabin crew speaking to one of the immigration officers who walked by her and she gestured to me. I burst into tears when the chief of immigration escorted the 4 of us straight to the next available immigration officer (who had been dealing with cabin crew). He could so easily have said no, that we had to wait like everyone else. Even now I am so touched that he showed a random act of kindness. Based on the length of time that we queued and the distance we got I would safely say that we could have waited at least 2 more hours in that queue.

We got our bags straight away and headed for customs. Now I was carrying a serious amount of stuff to give away – baby clothes, crisps, chocolate, tea, jaffa cakes etc. and the last thing I needed after all of that was to be told that they were going to have to check the bags but the lovely customs officer told me that I was carrying precious cargo and could he have a look, asked me if we had found all of our bags and to enjoy our visit to Our Nations Capital.

We met one of the IVP’ers at the Hertz office as she has kindly loaned us car seats. It took a while but the car got loaded, the seats were installed and we were away – driving on 5 lane roads in the dark with a screaming 10 week old baby in the back. That is not the ingredients of a happy marriage 😦

We are all fed, some washed and I am the only one awake. I am also the only one who didn’t sleep on the plane. I have been awake for 21 hours now. I really should go to bed.



1. Calliope - February 4, 2009

wahhhh! Wish I was just on the verge of meeting you right NOW.
Hope you all have a wonderful vacation. I will be thinking of you.

2. Adie - February 11, 2009

So glad that boarding last really paid off for you! Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip 🙂

3. Amanda - February 12, 2009

Oh dear Lord, glad it all turned out ok, but this story puts the fear of God in me about our as yet unplanned trip!!

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