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Is it morning time up? February 5, 2009

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NO! It is 4.45am! J decided when he woke to drink that it was a good time to poop so as soon as I got up to change him D decided that it was, indeed, morning time up! He talked and jigged and kicked his legs and kicked off the covers and wanted them back but allow me to rewind a little.

I went to bed a little after 10pm last night having been awake for 21.5 hours. J nursed for a while and we settled down for the night at about 10.45pm. At 12.30am D woke coughing a strange short cough and screaming that he couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately the flight etc had left him dehydrated and no matter how much we had pushed fluids yesterday we hadn’t avoided it. I had brought his ventolin and aerochamber with me and treated him with that but it took him a long time to simply calm down.

So less than 4 hours after the end of that drama the day began.

We went shopping and I got jeans YAY and a babygrow for J. D slept, as planned, in the car on the way back from the mall and we made it through until bedtime. M suggested during the day that D should sleep with him tonight (this is the first time that that has happened and I suspect it won’t last through the night and if it does then M will get little or no sleep as he is the lightest sleeper in all of creation.

I am sat here now listening to D cough in the next room and J snore in his Maya. I need to go to bed now but I need J to sleep a little more before I disturb him by taking him out of the sling to get into my PJ’s.



1. Adie - February 11, 2009

That’s funny, I always wake up at 5am, on the bloomin’ dot, when I’m in Chicago. Yet I’d never wake at 11am at home (which is what it is with the time difference). And it makes no odds how long I’m there, I always wake at 5am (although I usually eat something and fall back to sleep!)

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