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Oy! The stuff (and some good news) March 29, 2009

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Yesterday I moved the dining room couch (don’t ask) from the double doors to the radiator wall & the dining table to the middle of the room. Then D & I moved the toy kitchen & dolls house from the sitting room into the dining room, along with the kitchen paraphenalia. The dining room looks like a bomb hit it but the job is moving along.

Today I got started on the study and Oh.My.Goodness there is some amount of shite in there. I made M dump carpet off cuts that we have had behind the couch in the study since the carpets where put in in May 2004! I also found 2 black bags of clothes that haven’t seen the light of day since June 2004. The recycling bin is full & there is 3 bags going to the charity shop in the morning and I am 1/3 of the way through the room.

My cleaner is coming on Tuesday and I would like to be finished by then but just in case I am trying to move her to Wednesday.

The good news is: I have lost 13lbs since joining Weight Watchers and am 28.5lbs lighter than when I got pregnant on J. I am still a loooooooooooooong way from where I want to be but I am happy with the route I am taking.


The Great Room Move March 27, 2009

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Currently we have a sittingroom to the right of the house with the dining room immediately behind it. We have a study (would have been a garage on the original plans) to the left of the house with the kitchen/diner behind the study & hall. All of D’s toys are in the sitting room & are altogether too close to the TV for my liking. So…

We are moving the toys into the dining room, along with stuff from the study that there just isn’t room for in the sitting room. We are moving books etc from the study into the sitting room & moving the dining room furniture into the study.

Upstairs D, J & I sleep in the main bedroom & there is office furniture in the 4th bedroom. Today my mother took away the computers that hadn’t been used since 2004 & at the weekend M is taking the office furniture (desk, chair & filing cabinet) into the shop so that we can sort out the cupboard in the 4th bedroom & move a single bed in & turn it into D’s new big boy bedroom.

Are you confused yet?

My deadline is to have it all done by D’s 4th birthday in 21 days… start the clock.

I am here and alive March 25, 2009

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J is asleep on M for a little while so I have my laptop on my lap for the first time in a long time. It feels odd.

I am still waiting for a letter to come from the clinic to sort out embryo storage. The clinic are now offering on site and off site embryo storage. The former is €1000 a year. The latter is €300 a year with €150 transfer charge. As it will be at least 2 years before I use the embryo I am not paying €2000 to store it in the clinic. As a result I need to arrange to have it transferred off site and let it sit there for a few years.

While they have my chart out I need to get the lab to check who held the suction catheter to hold the sperm to make the embryo that became J. I also need to write to D’s clinic and ask them to check who made him. These are things I want to be able to tell the boys when they are older.

J went into 6 – 9 month babygrows today. He is a long lean boy, just like his brother. His feet were bursting out of the 3 – 6 month babygrows and now they are flapping around 🙂 He has also graduated into short sleeve vests. With all of that he also has his third, yes third, cold. This is very definitely a down side of having a Winter baby, they get every cold going.

D is going to be 4 in just over 3 weeks. That is blowing.my.mind! When did my baby turn into a big boy?

Here a year March 17, 2009

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This day last year I spent the day running up and down the stairs to relook at the pregnancy test with the lightest line ever on it, afraid to even say to myself that I could, in fact, be pregnant. The next morning it was dark enough to show M but on the day it was agonising waiting, watching, wondering.

Now I look at J lying on M’s lap, mesmerised by M’s hand and I wonder what life was like before I was the Mamma of two.

What to do? March 16, 2009

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J is asleep in M’s arms and I am at a loss for what to do. I don’t expect him to sleep long and I need to boost his nappy & take us both to bed.

I think I am ready for D to sleep in his own bed. I don’t know how easy or smooth the transition would be but I am ready to try it. We are going to redesign the function of most of the rooms downstairs and at the same time move the office furniture into the business rather than having it at home. This will involve moving the toys from the living room to the dining room and the dining room furniture into the study. It is a ton of work & the house will be in chaos for a few days but I am looking forward to having it done. I really want to get the toys away from the TV.

I need a better mobile phone March 11, 2009

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Then I could blog from bed because that is when I think of things 😀

I have been doing Wei.ght Wat.chers for 3 weeks & at home have lost 7.25lbs.