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I am here and alive March 25, 2009

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J is asleep on M for a little while so I have my laptop on my lap for the first time in a long time. It feels odd.

I am still waiting for a letter to come from the clinic to sort out embryo storage. The clinic are now offering on site and off site embryo storage. The former is €1000 a year. The latter is €300 a year with €150 transfer charge. As it will be at least 2 years before I use the embryo I am not paying €2000 to store it in the clinic. As a result I need to arrange to have it transferred off site and let it sit there for a few years.

While they have my chart out I need to get the lab to check who held the suction catheter to hold the sperm to make the embryo that became J. I also need to write to D’s clinic and ask them to check who made him. These are things I want to be able to tell the boys when they are older.

J went into 6 – 9 month babygrows today. He is a long lean boy, just like his brother. His feet were bursting out of the 3 – 6 month babygrows and now they are flapping around 🙂 He has also graduated into short sleeve vests. With all of that he also has his third, yes third, cold. This is very definitely a down side of having a Winter baby, they get every cold going.

D is going to be 4 in just over 3 weeks. That is blowing.my.mind! When did my baby turn into a big boy?



1. Amanda - March 28, 2009

The bag of 6-9 month babygros is till up in the attic waiting to be washed and the other day I just cut the legs off some of R’s 3-6 month babygros – oh the shame!!

2. Lorna - March 28, 2009

My DS is five today – now that is a real mindblower!! My baby is now a boy. Happy Birthday wishes in advance to D.

3. Adrienne - April 14, 2009

Well my oldest baby is turning 17 in a month’s time…that’s scary. Naturally I was only about 11 having him, hence my youthful looks!! LOL!!!

4. Shelli - April 20, 2009

Noah is on his second cold as well, poor wee ones. I think of you every time I dress him, as the sleepers (babygrows?) all fit him now! 😉

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