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The Great Room Move March 27, 2009

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Currently we have a sittingroom to the right of the house with the dining room immediately behind it. We have a study (would have been a garage on the original plans) to the left of the house with the kitchen/diner behind the study & hall. All of D’s toys are in the sitting room & are altogether too close to the TV for my liking. So…

We are moving the toys into the dining room, along with stuff from the study that there just isn’t room for in the sitting room. We are moving books etc from the study into the sitting room & moving the dining room furniture into the study.

Upstairs D, J & I sleep in the main bedroom & there is office furniture in the 4th bedroom. Today my mother took away the computers that hadn’t been used since 2004 & at the weekend M is taking the office furniture (desk, chair & filing cabinet) into the shop so that we can sort out the cupboard in the 4th bedroom & move a single bed in & turn it into D’s new big boy bedroom.

Are you confused yet?

My deadline is to have it all done by D’s 4th birthday in 21 days… start the clock.



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