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I got sloppy April 24, 2009

Posted by The Mom in allergies.

Coming up to J’s birth and the prospect of leaving D overnight I became very on top of always having his allergy meds with him. For a long time after J was born I had them with me whenever we were out of the house (the house is almost dairy free). 2 weeks ago he went with my sister & niece for a little while & when he came back I didn’t put his meds back in my bag.

On Tuesday we went to the local country estate. D & M played football for a while but stopped because D’s eyes were “atchy” (a cross between itchy & scratchy). We went for a little walk during which D started to cough. We promptly headed back to the car & came straight home. After Zirtek, ventolin & an ice pop (to take down the swelling in his throat) he returned to normal and no longer had a “bad voice”. It was scary. He wasn’t tested for hayfever/asthma etc when he was tested last year but clearly he needs to be.

What I realised in all of this, other than the importance of having the meds with us, is that I didn’t have a dispensing tool for the Zirtec in the bag. What good is an anti-histamine if you don’t have a syringe to measure out the required dose? There are now 2 2.5ml syringes in the bag with everything else, including the mini spacer & ventolin.



1. T - April 25, 2009

I keep a dosing spoon sellotaped onto the bottle. It’s easy to take off but makes it hard to have one without the other.

2. denzo - April 27, 2009

Not nice, not nice at all. Thank god the medicine wasn’t too far away, I say it was a worrying drive back to the house though. Poor D, hope he’s all better now.

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