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Classic love story May 26, 2009

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D is watching Bicentennial Man. I love the movie & am enjoying watching it with him.


What a week! May 24, 2009

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Since we started working with the food board we have been SO on top of D’s food and as a result we have been in such a happier place. When he is hungry food brings him back straight away & he returns to peaceful boy straight away.

M has also come on board and now says “He needs to eat” as soon as he recognises the need to eat rather than fighting with D, which when he is hungry is pointless.

The board is also inspiring my sister & I to offer real food rather than junk because only real food gets put on the board. We have added a “TRY” magnet that they get to put on the board for the first 3 times they try something new. D had never had watermelon and announced that it is yucky but in order to put the TRY magnet on the board he had a little on Friday. A little turned into a lot & he declared it to be lovely.


A difference May 19, 2009

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On Saturday night I gave D a bowl of porridge before he went to bed. I have done the same since then and D’s blood sugar as been MUCH more stable, maybe as a result, maybe not but hey it is an improvement.

It is such a difficult minefield to navigate but M has gotten the fact that we need to be on top of what D eats but more importantly when he eats.

Yesterday we had such a great day. There was no fighting, started by either of the walking men in this house, which is a great thing.

Fantastic Project May 18, 2009

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My 2nd sister & her daughter visited yesterday & my sister undertook a fantastic project, just as the title says.

She drew pictures of the food D & her daughter, C, eat & got the kids to colour them in. Then she cut them out, laminated them, cut out the laminate, put magnets on the backs & laid out the maget white board. It sounds quick enough but it took all day. There are pictures of:

Vegetables: Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, General Green veg on a plate, General yellow veg on a plate, multi colour veg on a plate
Fruit: Green grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Apple, Orange
Protein: Eggs – boiled, scrambled, omlette, Chicken pieces, chicken nuggets, salmon, fish fingers, sausages, pine nuts, cashews, pistaschios, baked beans
Carbs: Potatoes – boiled, mashed, chips, Toast, Bread, Pasta
Combined foods: Toast with almond butter, Jam & Almond butter sandwich, ratatouille & cous cous, fish pie, lasagne
Snacks: Organix Alphabet Biscuits, ginger bread man,
Juice: Apple, orange, pineapple

There are more, I could go on.

When I got up this morning D & M had started for the day & D’s toast and slurper were on the board already 🙂

New me; ongoing May 14, 2009

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I collected & tried on the new jeans & they all fit so I have 3 pairs of new to me jeans for the Princely sum of €15! I’m delighted. Tomorrow I am going through the clothes that I put away before J was born & dump everything that I really shouldn’t wear any more!

I lost 1.5lbs this week making a total loss of 29lbs in 12 weeks. I am delighted.

Steep learning curve May 8, 2009

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So today we had our first hypo since we realised what is going on. It happened because of a miscommunication. Before he left the bed this morning I offered D a slurper (pouch of fruit puree) & he said he would have one with M. When J was settled I got up assuming D had had a slurper & toast with M & offered him porridge a little later. At that point he started a carb eating frenzy, all the while his blood sugar was dropping & I couldn’t figure out why.

It took about 2 hours to get him back but by then he was hyper & I was beyond tired. In all of my attempts to get his sugar back up I didn’t eat myself & I was dangerously hungry. A hyper D & a hungry/tired me is a BAD combination.

When M got home we realised that D didn’t mention the slurper to M this morning & so had only had toast when I got up.

What I have learned that he has to have a slurper before he leaves the bed, he has to have almond butter on toast with M & I have to eat breakfast every day. M wants me to take D to the doctor but I know I will be told to keep an eye on what he is eating.

This “having kids” lark is exhausting.

Yet another thing May 6, 2009

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Over the last little while D has had a few nutties over seemingly innocent things. He has been completely irrational/illogical (not that 4 year olds are very logical) and there has been no reasoning with him. I had, until this weekend gone, treated each of them as seperate, uncomparable incidents. This weekend he had another one which kicked off in front of my father. It didn’t end well. But. It took that nutty for me to figure out that they have ALL been extremely low blood sugar events. They have been dressed in different clothes but they have all been essentially the same. Feeding him when his blood sugar is low is VERY hard as it is impossible to convince him that it will make him feel better.

On Monday his blood sugar was LOW LOW LOW & he was thrashing & kicking & throwing. I fed him but it was too little too late. My father is an insulin dependent Type II diabetic, who loses consciousness if his blood sugar goes too low, and was himself going into a hypoglycemic even that lasted all day. Words were said about behaviour that was perceived to be willfullness rather than as a result of low blood sugar. Anyhoo, it ended badly. It took until after lunch to get D’s blood sugar back to the right level & stable. It took until lunch time on Tuesday to get my fathers stable.

I spent all day yesterday processing the fact that I need to monitor the content of each meal rather than the content of the day/week and how to go about that. Today we got started and we had a fantastic day. It was a little hairy at tea time but it was, overall, a great day.

I have a lot more work to do (menu planning, shopping etc) but I hope we can smoothly move to a place where he doesn’t get hungry & is fed the right mix of food to keep his blood sugar stable.

Part of what caused Mondays drop was that when we stay in my parents house D has breakfast with my mother (while I get to stay in bed for a little while). He eats “funny rice krispies” which are a breakfast cereal LOADED with sugar. As I was getting to stay in bed while my mother minded D, I didn’t feel it was my place to tell her that I didn’t want him eating the cereal. Anyway, back to the day. He had the cereal for breakfast which obviously spiked his blood sugar. Then it started to fall and while he ate on the way down he didn’t eat enough and so we didn’t catch it until he hit rock bottom. Even knowing what had happened I was reluctant to dictate his breakfast while I stayed in bed. During the morning yesterday I spoke to my mother & the first thing she said was “that cereal went in the bin this morning, he can eat porridge in future”.

I have a few minutes May 5, 2009

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and more importantly, 2 hands, to write something. J is asleep in bed and M & D have gone to visit my PIL’s. I so love the mornings that J sleeps in 🙂

J is almost 6 months old. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. He is full of smiles and laughs. So adorably cute. He is getting big enough to ride on my hip which means I only have to control one hand that is reaching out for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. He watches every spoon/fork/glass that goes up to my face! I stood up from the table recently and he watched my plate as I moved away from it 🙂 If I hold my glass still long enough he grabs it with 2 hands and LUNGES for it with his tongue stuck out. I am looking forward to introducing solids but if he is like his brother and doesn’t swallow then I am not pushing it. I am not getting back into the situation of forcing a child to eat because I had to leave him. No thank you very much.