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Yet another thing May 6, 2009

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Over the last little while D has had a few nutties over seemingly innocent things. He has been completely irrational/illogical (not that 4 year olds are very logical) and there has been no reasoning with him. I had, until this weekend gone, treated each of them as seperate, uncomparable incidents. This weekend he had another one which kicked off in front of my father. It didn’t end well. But. It took that nutty for me to figure out that they have ALL been extremely low blood sugar events. They have been dressed in different clothes but they have all been essentially the same. Feeding him when his blood sugar is low is VERY hard as it is impossible to convince him that it will make him feel better.

On Monday his blood sugar was LOW LOW LOW & he was thrashing & kicking & throwing. I fed him but it was too little too late. My father is an insulin dependent Type II diabetic, who loses consciousness if his blood sugar goes too low, and was himself going into a hypoglycemic even that lasted all day. Words were said about behaviour that was perceived to be willfullness rather than as a result of low blood sugar. Anyhoo, it ended badly. It took until after lunch to get D’s blood sugar back to the right level & stable. It took until lunch time on Tuesday to get my fathers stable.

I spent all day yesterday processing the fact that I need to monitor the content of each meal rather than the content of the day/week and how to go about that. Today we got started and we had a fantastic day. It was a little hairy at tea time but it was, overall, a great day.

I have a lot more work to do (menu planning, shopping etc) but I hope we can smoothly move to a place where he doesn’t get hungry & is fed the right mix of food to keep his blood sugar stable.

Part of what caused Mondays drop was that when we stay in my parents house D has breakfast with my mother (while I get to stay in bed for a little while). He eats “funny rice krispies” which are a breakfast cereal LOADED with sugar. As I was getting to stay in bed while my mother minded D, I didn’t feel it was my place to tell her that I didn’t want him eating the cereal. Anyway, back to the day. He had the cereal for breakfast which obviously spiked his blood sugar. Then it started to fall and while he ate on the way down he didn’t eat enough and so we didn’t catch it until he hit rock bottom. Even knowing what had happened I was reluctant to dictate his breakfast while I stayed in bed. During the morning yesterday I spoke to my mother & the first thing she said was “that cereal went in the bin this morning, he can eat porridge in future”.



1. N - May 7, 2009

Blood sugar can wreak havoc on even people without sugar sensitivity; with it… well, let’s just say that time with my brother before he was diagnosed was miserable, and often involved drawing blood on the part of one party or another.

I hope that keeping his blood sugar at an even keel continues to help.

2. Caz - May 8, 2009

we have the exact same thing here with lils. you really need to keep on top of it or she has major melt downs. while i automatically did this without being concious of it, it was every time dh had her for a long period these happened. and one factor was consistent through all episodes. she didnt eat enough for him, or got it a little later. so while he thought she didnt like him infact she just felt crap and didnt know how to say it. poor mites. glad it was spotted and hope things go smoothly from now on. lils goes away with very strict instructions now, although i must admit ive been very reluctant to leave her at all just cause i know i can manage this best. wont have a choice in 7 weeks though…….

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