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Steep learning curve May 8, 2009

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So today we had our first hypo since we realised what is going on. It happened because of a miscommunication. Before he left the bed this morning I offered D a slurper (pouch of fruit puree) & he said he would have one with M. When J was settled I got up assuming D had had a slurper & toast with M & offered him porridge a little later. At that point he started a carb eating frenzy, all the while his blood sugar was dropping & I couldn’t figure out why.

It took about 2 hours to get him back but by then he was hyper & I was beyond tired. In all of my attempts to get his sugar back up I didn’t eat myself & I was dangerously hungry. A hyper D & a hungry/tired me is a BAD combination.

When M got home we realised that D didn’t mention the slurper to M this morning & so had only had toast when I got up.

What I have learned that he has to have a slurper before he leaves the bed, he has to have almond butter on toast with M & I have to eat breakfast every day. M wants me to take D to the doctor but I know I will be told to keep an eye on what he is eating.

This “having kids” lark is exhausting.



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