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So long, and thanks for all the fish June 29, 2009

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It is so long since I have had 2 hands and the time to write, and to be honest something to write about. We are home from our trip to Al.ton Towers. The park was fantastic and we had a ball. The ancilliary arrangements were, well, interesting. That’s enough about that.

Since we came home D is trying to check how much of what got let slide while on holidays will still be let slide now and it is wearing me down.

On the good side of everything I am back to my preholiday weight which is great considering every menu option for lunch and dinner was X & chips. I was VERY ready to having greater options.

The warm weather is giving me cankles that a pregnant woman would be proud of, but I am loving the weather so I can’t complain.


She can eat whatever she wants June 11, 2009

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and not gain weight.

I have been plagued by this sentence over the last few days and last night, watching M have 1 2-finger Kit-Kat & leave the rest on the shelf, I realised that the important part is “whatever she wants”. I don’t stop at one Kit-Kat. To be honest the only reason there is any chocolate in the house is because it has milk in it. Today is my “off” day & I know there are jammy buns in the kitchen. Thankfully I no longer eat the whole pack while waiting for the kettle to boil but I know they are there.

I am experiencing WW this time with my aunt. She has NO impulse control issues & I am finding the experience eye opening. To be honest I wondered how anyone without impulse control issues could end up over weight but ut’s foolish to think that my issue is the only one. I have, with the aid of my cheapie digital scales, gotten on top of portion size (although M is convinced we are on rations because the serving sizes have dropped. I tell myself his heart will thank me for it 🙂 ). The house is fairly junk free & I would rarely be in a position to offer a guest a biscuit but hey! my visitors are few & far between.

I have chosen to have one “off” day a week where I can eat whatever I like. Because of the “off” day I am only ever making better choices for 6 days. 6 days is perfectly managable.

Not sure what to say June 7, 2009

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I have a few minutes, while J rolls around the floor, and I don’t know what to say! Ruth asked about solids so I will fill you in on that. The day he turned 6 months he had carrot and SCREAMED later in the day. 2 days later he had more carrot and again screamed later in the day. Then I gave him banana which he seemed to like and didn’t make him scream but OY! the green snot nappies were more than I could handle. He had more banana and more green snot nappies. Then we tried avocado and boy was that a success. The child loves the stuff (D hated it, and still does). So we have had avocado for a few days and will stick with that for a while. I might buy some pears during the week. I am not killing myself to get him “on solids” right now as we are going away later in the month and I don’t want to “have” to feed him while I am gone.

I was talking with a friend last night in the conversation I realised that I have now almost as much weight as D weighs. I had been having a hard time visualising my weight loss (and was therefore not feeling very positive about the whole thing) and now that I know that it is his back breaking weight I am so empowered to continue.

The warm weather has passed and my body has let go of the water it was hanging on to over the last week and so I am now under the weight I was before it started. I am glad to be on the move again!

Warm weather round up June 3, 2009

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The weather, while lovely to have, is killing us all. I simply can’t drink enough water to keep J & I going without my poor body suffering so my hands and feet are swollen & my guts are at a stand still. D is hot & steamy & super cranky in the middle of the day but that is to be expected. J is hot & steamy too and is managing to nap for 15 – 20 minutes at a time. He wakes all smiley & happy and crashes about 20 minutes later. This is a bad combination 😦

We found out yesterday that the bank have refused our mortgage application for the small holding that we are trying to buy. There is a general air of sadness in the house.

I have lost 33.5lbs so far which is more than 1/3 of what I need to lose but the weather & J’s 6 month growth spurt has sucked all the good out of me so I suspect that I will be up this week simply because I can’t shift my lymph etc. That is not the end of the world & is possibly a kick up the ass that I need to get back on track.

I have started my sisters work out program & it rocks. It is tough but I am enjoying it.

It took my 6 month old to teach me why I can’t sleep without socks. I assumed that it was that my feet had to be warm but by watching J I realised that it is sensory rather than temperature. If J is without socks he will rub his feet off each other & anything else he can touch and it will stop him falling asleep. Over the weekend I decided to leave off my socks & I hardly slept. Early this morning I took off my socks & spent the next 2 hours awake until I seperated my feet with the quilt to stop them rubbing off each other. With my feet seperated I fell back asleep! Socks are staying on tonight!

Huge up side of the weather is that there is no laundry left to be done.