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Not sure what to say June 7, 2009

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I have a few minutes, while J rolls around the floor, and I don’t know what to say! Ruth asked about solids so I will fill you in on that. The day he turned 6 months he had carrot and SCREAMED later in the day. 2 days later he had more carrot and again screamed later in the day. Then I gave him banana which he seemed to like and didn’t make him scream but OY! the green snot nappies were more than I could handle. He had more banana and more green snot nappies. Then we tried avocado and boy was that a success. The child loves the stuff (D hated it, and still does). So we have had avocado for a few days and will stick with that for a while. I might buy some pears during the week. I am not killing myself to get him “on solids” right now as we are going away later in the month and I don’t want to “have” to feed him while I am gone.

I was talking with a friend last night in the conversation I realised that I have now almost as much weight as D weighs. I had been having a hard time visualising my weight loss (and was therefore not feeling very positive about the whole thing) and now that I know that it is his back breaking weight I am so empowered to continue.

The warm weather has passed and my body has let go of the water it was hanging on to over the last week and so I am now under the weight I was before it started. I am glad to be on the move again!



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