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She can eat whatever she wants June 11, 2009

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and not gain weight.

I have been plagued by this sentence over the last few days and last night, watching M have 1 2-finger Kit-Kat & leave the rest on the shelf, I realised that the important part is “whatever she wants”. I don’t stop at one Kit-Kat. To be honest the only reason there is any chocolate in the house is because it has milk in it. Today is my “off” day & I know there are jammy buns in the kitchen. Thankfully I no longer eat the whole pack while waiting for the kettle to boil but I know they are there.

I am experiencing WW this time with my aunt. She has NO impulse control issues & I am finding the experience eye opening. To be honest I wondered how anyone without impulse control issues could end up over weight but ut’s foolish to think that my issue is the only one. I have, with the aid of my cheapie digital scales, gotten on top of portion size (although M is convinced we are on rations because the serving sizes have dropped. I tell myself his heart will thank me for it 🙂 ). The house is fairly junk free & I would rarely be in a position to offer a guest a biscuit but hey! my visitors are few & far between.

I have chosen to have one “off” day a week where I can eat whatever I like. Because of the “off” day I am only ever making better choices for 6 days. 6 days is perfectly managable.



1. Lorna - June 14, 2009

From the time M and B are in bed until I go to bed on my weigh in day is my off time – without that I would have cracked by now.

Well done on your great loss so far.

ajourneythrough - June 14, 2009

That’s the whole point. If you fix an off time then there is never a need to “break the diet”. Interestingly I was happy for Thursday, & the associated eating, ended.

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