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Gone to the fixers July 26, 2009

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My laptop backlight has been failing for a while and was randomly turning itself off. On Tuesday night it turned off and stayed off. On Wednesday I took it to the fixers and was told that it would be “no more than a week, no more than €100” to fix it. What was I going to do without my laptop for a week????

I started cleaning my kitchen counters, removing an overwhelming amount of shite that is in my kitchen and then I got working on sorting out the fact that J doesn’t gain very much weight. I had decided a while ago that he had a posterior tongue tie and when I googled I found that after 8 months doctors insist on a GA to do a release so I didn’t take it any further. Then in the space of 3 weeks he gained nothing and I couldn’t do nothing any more. A few friends gave me some numbers and I got an appointment for yesterday with a GP in Kildare who does tie releases in his practice.

I spent 2 days thinking of the argument that I would give for releasing it. I spent 2 nights having dreams of the guy telling me that J was too old or the tie wasn’t serious enough or that there wasn’t a tie there at all.

Yesterday we went and sat for an hour still worrying about being sent away. The GP listened to our story, looked in J’s mouth and agreed with me that there was a tie and it was worth clipping. Bish bash bosh and the scissors was out!

Then J got a broken mouth! The poor baby couldn’t nurse because his mouth just wasn’t working the way it used it. It took paracetamol & some quiet time to get him to nurse properly and now it is like nothing happened.

I feel so guilty for listening to people tell me for 6 months that he was fine, bright, growing, sleeping, happy etc when I was always aware that he was only gaining 2oz a week rather than the “recommended” 5 – 8oz a week. Now I feel guilty for breaking his mouth. Oy! The guilt never ends.


Indecisive July 21, 2009

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I have done a lot of thinking since I posted last and I am interested to see how many women have told me they are in the same situation as I am, being the decision maker. This morning I told M to sign something (for his new car insurance), when he asked me what it was I told him it was for his car insurance and all I needed was for him to sign it. So he did and my job, for now, is done.

With a lot of coaxing and facilitating M has started his bee keeping course. A lot of hand holding was and continues to be required but I am happy to see him happy and interested in something other than cutting someones hair. He is passionate when he is talking about it.

He is getting to attend a course facilitated by an interationally renouned bee keeping author in 2 weeks and I swear if I have to deliver him to the apiary myself I will!

I realised recently that if I don’t tell M what I am cross about or what I need him to do I can’t get mad at him for not being able to read my mind. So. I need to tell him when something is wrong. Recently I told him that I need him to stop giving out about food wastage and that I need him to take responsibility for getting and cooking dinner on Tuesday. Well. It is Tuesday, J is asleep in his car seat, I am sitting in the car watching True Blo.od on my laptop and M is inside cooking the dinner. He was the one that remembered that it is Tuesday (I was planning what was for dinner in my head) and that he was cooking later. Whoot!

Oh, and he makes reference to food wastage but hasn’t given out about it.

We are still waiting for the bank to make a decision about our mortgage (although at the moment we are waiting for the accountant to come back with something before the bank can go any further), so there is no news on our small holding but to be honest there is nothing left in this growing season so I am happy to not be left paying a mortgage for now.

The Alpha & The Omega July 10, 2009

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I am, for the most part, the decision maker in this house. I insist on M contributing to the decision making process but I have, most of the time, made up my mind already about what is going to happen. I manage the house & car insurances, I deal with the maintenance of the cars, house, appliances, I coordinate and schedule medical appointments for all of us and that is just the way this house runs. But sometimes it bugs the shit out of me! Sometimes I am sick and mortal tired of being the decision maker all.the.time.

Last week was one of those weeks. I had had it up to my eye balls and D was out of control after being away & getting away with lots. I was ready to get on a plane to anywhere and leave them all to it! I didn’t in the end. I, with the help of my sister, picked myself up, remembered that I asked M out in the first place and that he has always not been an alpha male and to expect him to be one now is foolish and got back to living. It was a tough week.

So now that I am settled back into my Alpha role I have to sort out the car insurance. It turns out our current insurer has decided not to match other insurers quotations. So I am hunting for insurance…