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Lost, not found August 12, 2009

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I feel like I am missing something, like there is somewhere online that I am supposed to go but I have forgotten to. Maybe if I do something else it will come to me.

My goals for myself for this week are:

1. 3 workouts: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. – worked out yesterday & have it organised for tomorrow
2. Get protein into my breakfast – poached egg with breakfast this morning
3. Eat more vegetables and fruit. – raisins, salad, peppers, onions, blueberries, melon
4. Drink 3 litres of water a day. – 3.5L today
5. No eating after 8PM. – I am done for the day 🙂

I feel stronger, healthier, more in control of my journey to my destiny than I have in years.

M & I talked about my goal weight last night. When I told him what the goal is he said “There’ll be none of you left” and “Will I get a refund?” This is the lightest he has known me. Neither of us knows this next part of the journey so it is a little scary for both of us. I am excited about it though.



1. Adie - August 14, 2009

Well done is all I can say!! The Before and After shots on the post below..hardly even recognisable as the same person. And it’s not just weight you’ve lost, you actually look about 10 years younger, you now hardly look old enough to have a child, never mind two!!!

Well done Laura!!

2. Derv - August 15, 2009

Well done on your fantastic commitment.
Scrambled egg & smoked salmon on a crumpet is a fav breakfast for me (4pts in total)
I am terrible at the water…I must address this as I really want to lose 2lbs this week and get my shiny glass stone.
I’m sure as the change will be gradual it will be easier to adjust to. Our leader was actually talking about the “oh don’t lose anything more, you’re grand as you are” comments ….you just answer “well *medically* I should be x weight for my height”

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