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My dreams August 24, 2009

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My dreams are a little all over the place these days. Considering I regularly wake at some unearthly hour of the morning and realise that I am still wearing my glasses I am not surprised they are weird.

Yesterday morning, after D got up, I had a dream that I was pregnant again and blissful with it 🙂 But within the same dream I was driving up the Drumcon.dra Road & just at the pedestrian lights at St. Pats there was a line of traffic, at the top of which there was a child lying in the road, having been hit by a car. I woke very distressed by the child and then became distressed by the fact that the pregnancy was in the dream, not in real life.

Real life is trundling along nicely. J is 9 months old today and last week decided to be able to sit properly for extended periods of time. The week before he couldn’t sit with support! He is creeping around the floor on his belly, just like his brother did and is into everything. I am dreading him pulling to stand as we have become too relaxed about having stuff lying around and I don’t have the energy to start clearing off surfaces. It will have to be done though and I fear it will be done in a hurry when I walk into a room and find him standing at the furniture.

I am back into felt making mode and am loving my preparations for Christmas. I know it is only August but I have to work this far in advance or I will have nothing done in time. My mother and I have taken a table at a Christmas fair. She will have handmade cards and I will have felt decorations and napkin rings. I am still making felt food but I am only going to make it to order this year so that I don’t end up with lots of stuff that I can’t sell. I have set up another blog to showcase the felt stuff so have a wander on over and see if there is anything you like.

J and I are off to the US next week. He is going to have a very busy little passport 🙂



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