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Attention to details August 29, 2009

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A while ago, not sure how long it was, I zoned out, I lost focus, I stopped paying attention to the details. I saw D’s behaviour as simply being rude & bold. I saw his not listening to me/doing what he was told to do as willfull disobedience. For some reason, earlier this week, I tuned back in. By tuning in I realised that he was/is also, intermittantly, out of focus. There are days when he is simply on a different plane. I speak but he does not hear but not because he isn’t listening, simply because it floats over him like the air. On those days it takes a lot of time, patience & effort to get him to engage with me & keep him there just to get him to do a simple task.

On those days it takes an hour to do a 100 piece jigsaw. On the days that he is here in the world with me the same jigsaw takes 15 minutes.

The last line of the second paragraph in the first chapter of Raising Your Spirited Child is something that I have been trying to explain to M for ages “How does one explain the “sense” at eight in the morning that this will be a good day or a dreadful one?” I realised on Thursday that part of that “sense” is I can’t get him to hear me straight off as soon as he wakes up. Thursday was one of those days. Yesterday & today were better, not completely in synch but not miles off.



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